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Back or Brick – Burncycle

Can you lead the robots in this cooperative game as they try and take back control of their programming from their human overlords?


  • Established game company
  • Cooperative play
  • Theme
  • Component Quality


  • Price
  • Game Play

The Page

Chip Theory Games are definitely a well established company at this point with hits like Too Many Bones and Cloudspire under their belt. Their offices are also within a 2 minute drive of where I work. That said, I think that the page is laid out fine, generally.

I think that the receipt/print out idea with everything you get is cute, but that came before anything game play related. The game play idea gives you an idea of how the game works, and I like that they explain everything while having videos scattered throughout it. In my opinion, you need the printed explanation.

The Game

This game has a lot going on in it. A lot of the Chip Theory Games do, Too Many Bones gives you a lot of interesting choices and little battles to face before you go and face off against the big bad. So many choices.

To me, this game looks a bit like the “everything and the kitchen sink” to get this game working. There are so many things on the board that you have to choose, how you modify your robot for that round, where you are in the burncycle, spending action points, moving around the main board, hacking the system, dealing with threat. This seems like a lot to keep track of. I don’t know that their other games have that much less to keep track of, though when I demoed Too Many Bones at GenCon last year, it did seem like less going on, or fewer things at least to be thinking about. It also seems like a lot with basically mechanics that are similar to roll and move.

Back or Brick

Now, first I will say I accidentally read the title as buncycle with how it is written/font used the first time. I was very interested in a game about rabbit robots fighting against evil corporations, that is not what this game is about. Had I read it right, would I be more interested, possibly? For me this is a brick right now. It’s one that I’d be interested in demoing and seeing how it plays, but there’s just so much stuff in the game and I know from Chip Theory Games the production will be amazing, but I’m trying to figure out how and when I’d play the game, and I just don’t quite see this as a game that’d hit my table all that often or be the easiest sell because of everything that is going on it.

How about for you, is this game a Back or a Brick?

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