2021 TV Shows – What I’m Waiting For

I did this last year, and there were a lot of TV shows that didn’t come out, but I did get to see what turned into my favorite TV show in 2020 from that list last year, Locke & Key. This year we’ll see if the shows slated for 2021 releases get one. This year I’m confident that we’ll see more shows coming out and some really big shows, which I’ll talk about first.


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


There are a ton of Marvel shows coming to Disney+ in 2021. The ones that I’m very confident that we’ll get are the three listed above. WandaVision is the one that I’m by far the most excited for. I think that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will have some nice buddy cop vibes. I think Loki jumping through time and working with the Time Variance Authority will be fun. But WandaVision, with Wanda and Vision, and maybe Wanda becoming Scarlet Witch, maybe things to do with mutants, all of those things are really exciting. It also is the most out there of the shows, so I think WandaVision will feel really unique.

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The Watch

The Watch is one that I didn’t hear about until late, and normally wouldn’t have caught my attention that much. But basing a show off of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld is really interesting. I’m definitely curious to check it out. And BBC America does a really good job with most of their shows, so I have some hopes for it. It’s also nice that I can watch that one without having to get another subscription, as I have so many that I could get.

Mr. Mayor

I liked Ted Danson a lot in A Good Place. And while I generally am concerned about shows that use an actor right after their big success, like this one is, I’m willing to give it a shot. If it can mix the style of humor A Good Place maybe with the feel of Spin City, that could be a lot of fun. Or, this could be a complete train wreck as they try and work a boring or unfunny comedy using Ted Danson’s name, which has happened a lot on television before.

Battlestar Galactica

I didn’t even like the latest version of Battlestar Galactica that well, but it is such as Sci-Fi classic that I’m definitely curious about a reboot of it. Add in that it’s being produced by Sam Esmail who was the creator of the acclaimed series Mr. Robot, I have more hope for this one. I think there should be a lot of interesting things to explore in this series, and I hope it doesn’t feel just like a straight reboot.

The Wheel of Time

It’s not expected to debut in 2021, so I’m excited for it again. I really need to finish the series, but in some ways I have to work through the whole thing again, which is a lot. But I like the cast a lot for this. I think that it’s interesting and diverse, which is not something I was expecting. I also think that like Brandon Sanderson was able to weave together Robert Jordan’s work, this might also tell a tighter narrative. And that’s going to be the key thing, if this tells a nice tight story over several seasons, I think it will be a great show. If not, I expect to watch a few episodes and then be done.


Robert Kirkman, best known for being the comic creator of The Walking Dead, also created Invincible. This is a well developed superhero world that has received a lot of acclaim. Anything superhero I’m interested in. And while I don’t know a ton about the Invincible comic, I am very interested in it. And it’s a superhero show that, unlike the Boys, isn’t likely to take a super gritty look at superheroes.

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Shadow and Bone

Another series that I don’t know a ton about, but my wife has read the series and really likes it a lot. It’s a fantasy series which always interests me. And the world building, just from a brief synopsis, and magic stand out as interesting. So many fantasy stories reuse what’s already been done and feel derivative, so I hope this won’t become that for Netflix.

The Sandman

I’m generally a Neil Gaiman fan. And The Sandman was one of the first things that I read by him. I want to see what an adaptation of that will look like, because it is a very unique world and setting. This is one of those shows that will either work and be amazing or it’ll be a complete train wreck. I hope that it’s amazing, but I could see it flopping or just doing okay, because people will watch it since it is Neil Gaiman.

The Book of Boba Fett

This one I wouldn’t have been able to say up until a few days ago as the Mandalorian Season 2 wrapped up. I am very interested in any live action Star Wars stuff coming to Disney+. It was fun having Boba Fett back in the Star Wars cannon and actually being useful as compared to normal. Ming-Na Wen is an amazing actress as well, so I am excited to see her in a bigger role, like she had in Agents of SHIELD, but hopefully something that is more consistently better.

Image Source: SyFy

Resident Alien

Alan Tudyk stars as an alien in this SyFy channel comedy. I love what Alan Tudyk does. Tucker and Dale vs Evil is one of my favorite films. And I hope that this show is awesome as well. I like comedy shows, and Tudyk does comedy extremely well. But, I’m always a bit concerned about comedy shows because they have to be extremely well written in order to be actually funny. I trust that Tudyk can carry the show, though, so I’m hopeful that it’ll be a good time.

Now that’s a lot. I think there were a lot of shows form 2020 that got pushed out further and pushed out further until they became 2021 shows. And this list is only new shows for 2021, not returning shows. I am going to do a whole list of those as well.

What are you most looking forward to?

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