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The Collection A to Z – Now I Know My ZYX’s

The final day of the collection review. Have new games come in during the weeks it’s taken me to do this, for sure. But that’s okay, we’ll do this again every couple of years or so, and you have the link to my BGG game collection which isn’t completely up to date right now, but will be soon. Let’s dive into the last group, X, Y, and Z’s.

The Collection


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X, Y, and Z’s

XenoShyft: Onslaught

When I look at my collection there are certain types of games that I tend to have more of. I’ve talked about roll and write games, but I also have a lot of deck building games. I like the puzzle of trying to dynamically create the best deck possible but generally I don’t just want to be doing that. XenoShyft: Onslaught adds in tower defense with a fun theme that reminds me of Starship Troopers as you are fighting off wave after wave of bugs. What makes this game stand apart is the passing of cards to other players. Normally you just build your deck, but in XenoShyft, you can give other players weapons, troops, armor, etc that you buy which will then go into their decks. It’s a clever twist and a very hard game.

Status: Played

Image Source: CMON


The classic roll and write game, Yahtzee. I still play this game fairly often with my parents, though I did introduce my dad to Ganz Schon Clever over the holidays. Yahtzee is a pretty simple puzzle to figure out as you just roll the dice three times and you need to maximize your score. I don’t mind that I haven’t played it as much recently, though I do still enjoy it, because I don’t think about it much when playing now. But it’s still the granddaddy of the roll and write genre and a good game to play and chat while you play.

Status: Played

Yggdrasil Chronicles

I picked up Yggdrasil Chronicles partly because it looked amazing on the table. This game has a 3D tree element that is your playing board that just looks great on the table. Plus the game has pedigree being based off of a previous game called Yggdrasil. In this game you take on the roles of gods from Norse Mythology, makes sense given the name, and you are trying to defeat and stop certain scenarios from happening. Oh, and there’s the life tree, Yggdrasil and it rotates, really excited to try this one.

Status: To Be Played

Zombicide: Green Horde

I never thought that I’d pick up a Zombicide game. They look good, but I prefer my dungeon crawler style games to be more fantasy focused and less zombie focused. But when I won the game, I won’t say no to it, so it got added to my game shelf. The minis in this game look amazing, as you’d expect from CMON. I do want to get it to the table still, as I haven’t sold the game yet, because it’s such a well known game series, I feel like I should try it. And I think it’s the type of game that I’ll enjoy, even if it doesn’t get to the table all that often.

Status: To Be Played

Zombie Dice

Image Source: Steve Jackson Games

Zombie Dice is another one of those filler games that I’ve played a lot. I don’t mind it too much though. Zombie Dice is a simple push your luck dice game where you are trying to get as many brains as possible before you’re taken out by a shotgun. If you get hit three times, you’re done and you can’t bank the brains that you got, but if you push your luck, maybe you’ll roll more brains and be faster as the first person to 15 brains. This game is so much like Farkle, but it’s way faster and less strategy, which is fine for a game that is only about pushing your luck.

Status: Played

Zona: The Secret of Chernobyl

Final game on the list is one that I got to demo at GenCon in 2019. It was an interesting demo because while we got a very good feel for the game, it wasn’t a full demo and some of the rules were lost in translation, mainly because the rules weren’t in English yet, so the demoer was teaching it based off of the demo that they got from the Polish game designer. Zona works really well, though, for me, because it has a lot of elements that I like. You have a unique character, there is interesting combat, and there is exploration. Chernobyl happened like in our world, but in this game there is magic and mutated monsters and more which is always a good selling point. Can you get to the secret vault inside the power plant before time runs out? That is another thing, this game is competitive, but it’s very possible for the game to just win if players don’t move fast enough.

Status: Played

There’s the list, later today we’ll look back, run some numbers, and do my favorite game for each letter, like I’ve been asking you guys to do over on Twitter and Facebook. But before I do that, what are your favorite game starting with X, Y and Z? What games do I need in my collection?

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