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Back or Brick: Runelords Board Game

Based off of the Runelords novels by David Farland, this game allows you to battle and take endowments to be the best lord out there.


  • Theme
  • Price
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • Art


  • Multiple Game Modes
  • Aesthetics

The Page

This page has both some positives and negatives for me on it. Firstly, I do love how well they lay out the page when it comes to game play. There are three modes, so not only do we get some basic game play, we get each mode of the game talked about. That said, this feels like isn’t as polished as it should be. The animations seem a little bit rough and not as smoothed as they should be.

I also think that the cards and artwork themselves seem a little bit dated in their look. I actually like the artwork quite well, it’s a slightly different fantasy style artwork, but solid looking. The layout of the card and symbols just look a bit like they belong on a collectible card game or a little bit like Clank! The Adventure Deck Building Game, which I think looks a bit dated as well. Again, I think it’s that the graphical design doesn’t look like it’s been smoothed over for the aesthetic layout. I will say, even with the aesthetics maybe needing a bit more polish the symbols are clear as to what they are.

The Game

The game modes are where I want to start, I put them as both a positive and a negative. I like that they managed to get a story mode that can be played solo into the game. A tactical battle game is interesting, but I have Super Fantasy Brawl, I’ll likely be getting some Marvel Unmatched, I had and got rid of Krosmaster Arena, so it’s a genre that I’ve had stuff for and not one that gets played a ton for me, but a story mode that I an play solo, that is more likely to get played. However, they are both a positive and a negative because I want to know how the support is for them, was the story mode/solo mode added as an after thought? I hope not.

But the game play itself seems interesting. I like the action points and how they activate different area of the cards and how clear that makes it for each character. The combat system with dice is less exciting except for the triggered effects on the dice. I like it when even a miss might do something that way the dice in the game don’t feel as punishing.

And of course, the biggest interest for me in the game is the taking of endowments. Think about being given someone else’s strength, or glamour, or agility so that your leaders are extremely powerful with lots of all of them, and then those fighters battling. Those epic points of conflict are going to be what really make this game standout as something different, I think.

Back or Brick

Right now this is a back for me. I like the book series and the premise behind it especially. However, like last week with Epic Seven Arise, I want to look more into it. Thankfully GloryHoundd and DrGloryHogg did a play through of it on the GloryHoundd channel, so I can catch up on that today to make sure it is still a back for me. I really hope that the game play seems interesting and that it feels thematic to the books. Also, it seems to have a lot of game for a very reasonable price.

Is this game a back or a brick for you? What keeps you from backing it or makes it more likely that you will? Have you read the book series?

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