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TelevisionTalks: WandaVision Speculation

This is going to be a very spoilery episode, not just for the first two episodes of WandaVision, but for so much more as well. That’s because there is so much potential stuff to talk about and I did in this weeks episode of 10 Minute Marvel, but that’s short, and there’s more to talk about. So instead we’re getting a lot of thoughts written down. So now, if it isn’t obvious, spoilers galore, as I write through some of the points that I’ve seen.


Now this one is one of the harder ones that I have buying. It’s in episode two when the beekeeper shows up, or the person in the beekeeper suit. It was pointed out that this is fairly similar to the outfits that the AIM scientists wear, generally a yellow hazmat style suit, but it’s the 1960’s world so maybe that just looks like a beekeepers suit. However, the outfit has SWORD’s emblem on the back, and we’ve already seen that in places. I think it’s probably more likely that SWORD is trying to figure out what’s happened to the people in the helicopter that was sucked into this world or what has happened to Geraldine, aka, Monica Rambeau. Whatever it is, it’s something from outside of Wanda’s reality and she’s trying to get rid of it.


Now this section might be a little bit long, but there’s a reason for that. Agnes seems like she is going to be an extremely important character, and in fact she’s made herself into being Wanda’s closest friend outside of Vision. It’s almost like Agnes is always there.

Let’s start in episode one, she starts hinting about romance and the idea of kids, this then plays out in the second episode about how everything is for the children, which is plenty creepy. Why does she care about Wanda having kids? Well, the speculation is that Agnes is actually, in the real world, Agatha Harkness (or the MCU version of that character). Agatha Harkness is a witch from the Salem witch trials who is still alive and in cahoots with Marvel’s devil, Mephisto. It’ll get weirder, but we have a few things that suggest this might be the case.

First, there is the broach that Agnes is always wearing. This is a common image for Agatha Harkness in the comics to have a cape with a broach. There is the day that she and Ralph, her never seen husband, got married, June 2nd. This is the real world day that the Salem Witch trials started. So maybe it’s less that she got married, but she entered into another type of contract with the devil to survive.


Now, as Dottie says, “The Devil is in the details.” or more likely, as Agne’s says, “That’s not the only spot he is.” But it seems like we might have a mastermind pulling the strings behind everything. Comic book wise we almost have more hints than other places in the show. The whole Ralph character is a sitcom trope, but also might imply him, there’s the big red gum, the devil, Senor Scratch, Scratch being slang for the Devil in the middle ages, and that line above.

But in the comics, Mephisto is the reason for Wanda’s children for the manifestation of them. Parts of his soul are in them and he wants to get that back. This actually leads to be a big story line, which will be our next topic. There have also been rumors that we’re going to be getting Evan Peters, who was Quicksilver in the X-Men movies, as Mephisto in the comics. Plus, in Loki, we see a stained glass window with what looks like Mephisto in it. So lots of things that suggest he might be pulling the strings behind things.

House of M

If you’re up on the 10 Minute Marvel podcast, you’ll know that I’ve talked about this a lot before. Mainly, I thought that they might do some sort of reverse House of M where Wanda creates all the mutants, and I think we might be seeing that. The first hint for that is the Maison Du Mepris, translated as House of Mepris, or House of M.

However, it might not be right now that we go full House of M, that might be Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. It seems likely that something will happen to Wanda’s children, like it does in the comics, and that’ll cause even a greater break from reality than she is having now. That is how it happens in the comics as well, and it’s only Charles Xavier who can keep her in a coma so that nothing happens, but Pietro “rescues” her, thinking that she might die, and which when she wakes up she completely changes the world where she and her family are in control over everything.

Stark and Stucker

I’m lumping these two together because they show up in the commercials in the two episodes of WandaVision. Now, some people think that this might mean that Hydra is also somehow involved, but I tend to think that’s not the case.

Looking at Wanda’s timeline that we know, we know that she was in Sokovia when a bomb with the name Stark on it hit the apartment and apartment building that she, Pietro, and her parents were living in. Then next we see of her, Strucker is experimenting on her and Pietro with the mindstone, unlocking their powers. I tend to think that the next commercial will somehow tie into Age of Ultron, maybe even Ultron himself, the next being who shaped their life, basically playing through some of her “greatest” hits. The commercials are an interruption to normal TV shows, and now in this case, they are an interruption to her made up world, basically reality forcing it’s way back in. I suspect at sometime she’ll acknowledge or become aware of the commercials.

Grim Reaper

Now, honestly, I don’t know what to do with this one. In the animated, Be-Witched style, credits we see in Episode 2, Vision goes through the floor, and we see the space between. One of the things we see is the Grim Reapers helmet. He’s a super villain, but how would he fit into this story?

Comic wise, he’s Wonderman’s brother whom Visions brain patterns are based off of, and he’s angry because it feels like Vision has stolen something from his brother. But I don’t know how you work that into a bigger story.

What’s Ahead

So, in my opinion we’re going to see a Mephisto storyline play out. It seems like the biggest clues and the closest tie-in to the comics, while still being different. My guess is that, if we’re going to work the Grim Reaper in, he has made some deal with Mephisto or has been tasked to crash land Wanda into this reality, somehow aiding in her break from everything. He is working along with Agnes, Agatha Harkness, and we’re basically seeing Wanda creating this world while Agatha is helping shape it so that Wanda doesn’t realize that it’s not the real world and that Vision isn’t real.

Things go sideways at some point in time as SWORD, Sentient Weapon not World as in the comics, is trying to get her back out. However, it’s an outside intrusion upon her world, which is why she keeps on rejecting them. Geraldine can stick around because Wanda doesn’t realize that she’s a SWORD agent, yet. Eventually Wanda will figure this out, but by then it’ll be too late and she’ll have had the kids, which Mephisto or in his place, Agnes might take, since they have some of Mephisto’s soul in them. We know that Evan Peters is going to be appearing in WandaVision, but I wonder if instead of making him look like the Devil he might look like a version of Pietro.

At that point in time Wanda goes on the rampage against everything and everyone in there, and starts to break from reality, possibly creating even some more of the sitcom realities looking for a real Vision and for her children again, splintering off the multiverse but also pulling and putting things in other multiverses. Spider-Man 3 is also supposed to deal with the multiverse, so I’m wondering if because WandaVision might be taking place in New Jersey, her powers spread shooting Spider-Man into other dimension or other Spider-Man into Earth 616, aka, this Earth in the comics/movies.

This makes sense to some extent because the movies we have between now and Spider-Man 3, Black Widow, Shang Chi, and Eternals don’t have to spend much time in the current world, but are more set in the past. That way they don’t have to deal with the multiverse.

It’ll all eventually culminate in Wanda finding her Children hidden amongst mutants or something of the sort in Dr. Strange the Multiverse of Madness, and bringing them and that reality, possibly even living sibling into the world again.

There’s probably even more that we can pull out from in there. There are a ton of references and nods to think, the Vision comic included that I haven’t touched on, but those are my thoughts on it for now, and there’s a lot to unpack, what’s your theory on how the show is going to go, or what might be happening?

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