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Point of Order: First Order of 2021

Yeah, those are a bit stacked on top of each other from the end of 2020 to the start of but I had a little money left on a gift card for the order, so let’s see what I have coming now, it isn’t big games, but ones that I think will hit the table sooner rather than later.

Clever Hoch Drei

I went all the way to ordering this from Europe because it’s only out from Schmidt, not from Stronghold games yet. I really like this series of roll and write games. They are easy enough to learn but have a fair amount of complexity as you try and figure out the puzzle. All three games in the series play in a pretty similar fashion, rolling the dice three times, keeping one die to use from each roll, getting rid of the lower dice, but they also do some really interesting things how they change up scoring. Clever Hoch Drei I feel like changes up the scoring the most, but is not the hardest to play, that’d go to Doppelt So Clever. But soon I’ll have the whole collection, when it shows up from Europe.

Image Source: Schmidt

Metro X

Another roll and write/flip and and write style game. This one is about completing bus routes or subway routes to score points. What I like about this one, in theory, is how the card play works. You pick one of I believe two options as to where you are filling in spots along the routes. Some of the routes are longer and give you more points, others intersect with more other routes and will help you fill in those faster. But when you reach an intersection you are going to stop at it, if it’s already been filled, so you might be pushing to get a long section filled, but if there is a break in that line because it’s already filled in, you’ll be wasting it on that section. You can also play it solo which is a bonus as well.


This is one that I’ve had my eyes on for a while every time I go into All Systems Go, my friendly local game store. I ended up picking it up online with the money on the card, but it is a simple game that looks like it should be a good one for a lot of different people. First off the game, while fairly simple looking, looks very pretty on the table. The game is a pretty simple drafting game. You have cards from 1 to 120, I believe, and you have a hand of them, you pick two, and then everyone plays their two in up to three different columns in front of them. The only rule is when adding them to a row it either goes above the top card because the card you picked was higher, or below the bottom card in a column because it was lower. Then after cards have been drafted and the hand is done, you score points based off of how many you have of various colors, then you repeat it again until a certain number of rounds, and the game ends. Super simple, but maximizing points is interesting and drafting is generally always fun.


A game of deduction and bluffing, so kind of social deduction. I like this one because it isn’t as purely social deduction, it is more bluffing. You could be doing precisely what the roles in front of you say you should be doing, or you might be lying to everyone. So you can play it honestly, but it probably won’t help you win all the time. Or you can lie and hope not to get caught. I liked Coup well enough when I played it, and it was cheap enough that it made sense to pick up. It is also a good game for early on in game nights because it plays up to six and it plays fast, so while waiting for more people to show up, or for those people who maybe don’t want to play a bigger game. I think having some games like that in your collection is always a good thing.

So those are the most recent ones that I’ve picked up. Which one looks like the most interesting to you?

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