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Top 10: Roll and Write Games

Top 10: Roll and Write Games

I couldn’t have done this list a year ago but now I’ve played over 10 of them, and I have even more on my shelf that I need to play. Roll and Write games (or flip and write or flick and write) are a very 

Point of Order: First Order of 2021

Point of Order: First Order of 2021

Yeah, those are a bit stacked on top of each other from the end of 2020 to the start of but I had a little money left on a gift card for the order, so let’s see what I have coming now, it isn’t big 

Board Game Battle: Ganz Schon Clever vs Doppelt So Clever vs Clever Hoch Drei

Board Game Battle: Ganz Schon Clever vs Doppelt So Clever vs Clever Hoch Drei

Time to bust out your German as we’re headed over to Westside Xtreme Wrestling. We’re looking at three games that are coming over to the US from Stronghold games when they do, but that were originally released in Germany, and those are also the names of the app implementations.

So what are these games, we have three different roll and write games all from the same series of game and all with some similar mechanics. In all of the games you are rolling six dice and then using them to fill in areas on your sheet in classic roll and write style. Also in all of them you are picking one die, and using it in it’s color, except for white which is wild, then getting rid of all the dice lower, rolling again, and doing that until you have used three dice. Then on your opponents turn, of the three dice they didn’t use, you get to use one of those, and if you can’t, you get to use any die they ended with. In all the games there are also plus ones which allow you to use an extra die after any round, or rerolls which allow you to reroll all the dice on your turn.

Ganz Schon Clever

The older of the three siblings, this game is pretty straight forward. You are basically crossing off spots based off of a number, or filling in numbers that then score points for you. Where this game shines is that it is pretty combo focused which is great because as you fill in spots, it then allows you to fill in other spots and you can potentially chain it pretty long. The rules are pretty straight forward with the most complicated thing being that you need to remember to add the blue and white die together whenever looking at the blue section, and that the purple section counts up so you always need to be greater but a six resets it. It’s not complex stuff, but those two rules compared to filling in everything else are the most complex.

Doppelt So Clever

Image Source: Schmidt

The second one in the line is probably the most complex of them. It has a section with grey where if you fill in the grey section you take all the lower rolled dice and fill them in as well, so having a high grey can be good, but also can mean that you lose too many dice. So it adds in an ability to get dice back. That is something additional to keep track of, but not that complex, you just have a few things to pay attention to. The yellow section is also tricky, using a yellow die once means that you circle the spot which can help you get bonuses, but you have to cross off spots in yellow, using that same spot a second time, which will give you points but not a bonus again. Overall, everything is just a bit more complex to think about. The blue section still has you adding blue and white together, but it is always decreasing or equal to with no resetting, so you need to plan that out carefully. Green is all about getting a high die and then a low die as you score the difference between the two spots you fill in, and pink gives you points for the number you put down, but rewards if you put down numbers that meet the criteria. Definitely much more to think about.

Clever Hoch Drei

This one I find a bit easier than Doppelt So Clever, but closer to it, in it’s complexity, than Ganz Schon Clever. This one you have a green section that is filled in by looking at how many dice you have used of the same number, plus that die, and filling in the column with that number. There is a brown section that allows you to go as far to the right on it as you want to fill in a number, but you can never go back. There blue section has you either building up or down from a central number and resetting it on a seven, but it always has to go up or down by one. And the pink section either gives you a bonus, or you can multiply your number for the dice when scoring it. This one adds in a mechanic where instead of getting a die back, you can unlock numbers to change the die face to when you are putting it on the player board, but you don’t actually flip the die.

The Fight

Normally I’d do some comparison, but I’ve kind of already done that at the top and talking about each I’m talking about the differences for them. I think the biggest thing with all of these games, besides them being similar in how they work is that they all are roll and writes that focus on getting combos. I love to be able to use a plus one to fill in a spot that will then fill in another spot and then hopefully chain even one further.

This fight itself is seeing a lot of mirror moves from Ganz Schon Clever, Doppelt So Clever, and Clever Hoch Drei. They really are doing the same thing, but Ganz Schon Clever gets knocked down and out of the ring as Doppelt So Clever and Clever Hoch Drei are just faster and showing off more complex variations. Those two go at it with Clever Hoch Drei getting ahead by pulling off more combos faster and chaining together more moves, Doppelt So Clever on the other hand seems to be trying to get some really complex moves in there. They both are wearing each other down and Ganz Schon Clever comes back from where they’ve been lying outside by the ring and pushes Doppelt So Clever out of the ring. It hits the late game combos on Clever Hock Drei, and goes for the pin…

And the Winner is

Image Source: Stronghold Games

Ganz Schon Clever

I will say that I really like all of these. I think that they are interesting and creative games that keep something similar throughout but still offer up great challenges. Ganz Schon Clever is just a little bit simpler, and I think that works well for all groups where as something like Doppelt So Clever feels like it’s two steps beyond that and for some people might not work as well. I also think that Ganz Schon Clever has a slight advantage for me because it should play faster since there is less going on. I really do love them all, I think they are really clever and interesting games.

Which is your favorite of the three?

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