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Point of Sale: Two Big Games Hit the Road

I love big epic games, bet you didn’t think that is where it was going. And I have a ton on my shelf, games like Gloomhaven, Blood Rage, Lords of Hellas, Mansions of Madness, and more are high on my game list, and there are a lot more, Folklore: The Affliction, Deep Madness and Reichbusters that I need to play, but every once in a while a big game leaves my collection or in this cast two. Why did they leave my collection?

Zombicide: Green Horde

Now, I won this game a couple of years ago, or around that. I unboxed it over on the Malts and Meeples YouTube channel. But Zombicide: Green Horde never hit my table. I considered playing it, but I know that I have another big defend against a horde and complete objectives game coming that I was more interested in, Village Attacks. Now, I’m still waiting on that game with hopefully a timeline that suggests maybe this year I’ll get it, but right now I’m also not playing that type of game. I also felt like it it would be a lot of work for me to get it to the table anytime soon. And there are more interesting themes, Reichbusters and Deep Madness and eventually Village Attacks that I’d prefer to get to the table for a big game.


Image Source: Monolith Games

Another big box game, this time from Monolith Games. I picked this one up on sale three years ago now, or so. Conan is a game that I heard great things about and bad things about. The great was the system for activating bad guys and how you could activate one group but then they’d move back in the line and you could activate them again, but it’d cost more. That mechanic seemed really interesting. It also seemed thematic, but the player count, or one player controlling multiple heroes versus one person controlling the bad guy made it hard to get to the table. Add in the rule book which was probably good enough to get you close to being able to play the game, it just never hit my table. And it, again, is one of those, when would it hit my table. I don’t think it’s going to hit my table over a lot of the big games that I mentioned, so I might as well trade it in, get store credit and get a game I’m more apt to play, and let someone else buy it used who will play it.

There’s always a challenge to selling a board game, especially one that I haven’t played. With these two, I knew that they’d be on my shelf for at least another 5-6 months before I’d play them if not much longer than that. And with games coming in from Kickstarter that are also big and epic, it made it much easier to sell. Would you have kept either in my case? Do you have either on your shelf?

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