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Friday Night D&D: Tower of the Gods Session 14

As things continue to unfold around the attack on the school of both the dragon and from Addrus and his group, Barrai, Bokken, Kip, and Thrain decide to continue their investigation, this time with a bank heist.

The Session

We jumped into the game immediately after the battle and conversations from last time with Assendial, Castillia and Parrag about what had happened with Addrus and his group of friends. The party decides that their next, best, course of action is to try and find out what is in that extra bank lock box that Addrus had. In his stuff they had found the matching piece of paper they would need to get access to his bank account, minus the fact that none of them looked at all like Addrus. They are a Tiefling, Gnome, Dwarf, and Warforged, Addrus is a human.

But Kip, the gnome, does have the spell disguise self, granted, that won’t make him tall enough to look like a grown adult male. Bokken crudely fashions him some stilts and the following morning, they go out to put their plan into action. Kip leaving Karl the squirrel with Bokken and his new raven familiar Kraig with Barrai outside to watch what is going on, heads into the bank. Thrain conspicuously waits out in the front waiting area pretending to read a news paper.

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Things actually go quite smoothly as Kip is able to, without any issue, get into the waiting room area and into where the lock box is. Bokken follows to the desk to meet with a banker about opening a lock box of his own. At this point in time, things start to go sideways for the group.

Outside the bank, Barrai spots the adult who had been with Addrus and his group and cast fireball on them all. However, he doesn’t seem to have noticed Barrai, so Barrai just drops back into the shadows using the spell message to give everyone a heads up that things might be getting dicy.

Inside, Kip fails a check for noticing something, but is able to get the lock box unlocked with their copy of the fifth key that Addrus had. Inside he finds a medallion on a string that basically looks like fishing wire. The medallion has three ravens on it with a crescent moon behind them. It looks vaguely familiar to him, but he can’t quite place it. There are also two notebooks, he grabs them and goes to ring the bell to let the banker know that he’s done and to put the lock box away. The reflection of the bell, however, shows Kip, not Addrus, and Kip realizes that there was a dispel magic spell cast on the whole room, probably for situations like this one.

Using his new familiar, Kraig, he warns Barrai that things have gone sideways and that he needs to a distraction to get out. Well, the bird really just mimics back what Barrai had said earlier, which was “red alert”. Thinking quickly Barrai messages both Bokken and Thrain to let them know and gives a merchant selling cabbages from a cart on the street 20 gold pieces and grabs the card and starts running pushing it through the bank doors, hopping onto the cart and blasting thunderwave out from the cart causing cabbage confetti to go flying everywhere.

With that, Bokken gets very upset that he’s having to wait to get his lock box, and Thrain follows Barrai who has ditched the scene outside. Kip discards his stilts and takes off running. Thrain and Barrai make it outside in time to get confronted by Addrus’s friend. They try and fight against him, but he blasts them with a chain lightning spell and then drops a fireball on them taking Barrai down before the man disappears.

Thrain casts spare the dying on Barrai and Bokken picks him up and they head towards Moody’s Bar. It’s not open yet, much to their dismay, it was about 8:45 in the morning, but they take the tunnel back to school. Karl along the way steals most of Barrai’s rations and drops out most of Barrai’s money onto the ground, but Thrain picks it up and gives it back. They make it back to the school and think about going to their barracks but spotting Castillia going back there, they hide out in the cellar beneath the cafeteria, which connects to the tunnels and while waiting for Barrai to come to start to look at the notebooks. Eventually cracking the cypher. Barrai also helps them identify that the three ravens and the crescent moon are a symbol of a secret organization from Carlsbekistan that Adanac, their country, has been at war with.

Image Source: D&D Beyond

Behind the DM’s Screen

This was an episode where I basically decided to wing it. I thought there was a chance that they’d decide to deliver Dorin so I’d done minimal preparation on that. But it was still a blast of a session.

They cypher was interesting to do. They still don’t know what it says, because I hadn’t figured out what it said yet. This is mainly because the notebooks and cypher were created on the fly. One notebook has 10 pages with letters on them. The other has lots of pages with numbers on them. It wasn’t until they had gotten a few decent rolls in that they started to piece it together. Thrain noticed that the numbers would have breaks between them. Like it would go down half a page and then nothing until it started at the top of the next page. And that the last 18 numbers were the same between two of the chunks of numbers and then were at the start of a couple of others. They started to narrow it down finding a repeating 9 number chunk, eventually finding the most common three letter chunk. This was a nice puzzle for them to solve because it was blend of player knowledge on how cyphers might work and then rolls in character. This meant that I didn’t have to do anything before hand to come up with the cypher, which is good because I didn’t. Had I not given them rolls, this would have taken much longer. I think to note of how this worked is that it didn’t overstay it’s welcome, it maybe took them 20-30 minutes at most with the rolls to figure out what was going on. That seems like the right amount of time for a puzzle, unless they have their hands on it and can work it physically and it’s all about the player ability, even then, I think the rolls for hints are always a great thing for puzzles.

So that was the bank heist, what do you think of that session? Does it sound like something that’d be interesting to play in?

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