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Back or Brick: Floriferous

It’s Wednesday, that means that we get a new Back or Brick. Join me as I look at Floriferous a game of relaxing and arranging flowers, maybe while you sip on tea by Pencil First Games.


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The Page

Pencil First Games actually made the first game that I backed on Kickstarter, Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet. It’s a game that I don’t play often, but it’s fun. Then they also made Skulk Hollow, a game that has a lot of play depth that I need to get back to. And they’ve made a ton of other games, they even show a few of them in this Kickstarter. So they do a good job with their pages.

I like that they do lay out what is going on in the game and how it works. They also have rules videos and the rule book, and a TableTop Simulator mod for it for people to try. So they make it very easy for people to tell what is happening in the game.

Honestly, no knocks on this page. The game has amazing artwork, they showcase that artwork. They lay out most things quite clearly, though shipping maybe could have been put into the shipping section in a matrix versus with the pledge you’re backing. It’s a minor quibble at best.

The Game

This game didn’t jump off of the page and grab me when I first saw it, but because it’s Pencil First Games, I knew I was going to look at it and see what was going on it. With that deeper dive, I found some things that looked interesting to me.

I like how the drafting of cards works in this game. You are drafting one of three cards, and depending on which one you take, that then sets your turn order for the next round of drafting and so on. So you can see what is coming up, and maybe there is a card that is ideal for you in the next column. Do you push to the top with your pick, if you can, getting a less ideal card this time for a better card next time? It makes a fun little puzzle as you go through the drafting.

I also like the end game scoring. I think that it’s interesting to draft your own scoring. It’s like Point Salad in that way where everyone will be scoring a little bit different. It’s a fun mechanic that again makes your decisions a bit more thinky as you play. You don’t only have to think about what you are drafting for bouquets but also what is going to be scoring you points at the end.

Finally, the play time on this game is nice. It looks super fast and I believe it when they say it could be 10 minutes, I’m guessing for solo, but with a bigger number of players, four, it should still only take half an hour. It makes it a nice filler game. Now, I have a number of filler games in my collection, but I’ll talk about that soon.

Back or Brick

This is a tough game for me if it’s a back or a brick. Ultimately, this game is a Back, one that I will recommend people pick up if they are looking for a nice light filler game. It looks amazing, and it doesn’t seem too complex for teaching new players. I am still undecided if I pick it up or not. I have games like Truffle Shuffle, Point Salad, and Ohanami in my collection that are nice peaceful filler games. And Calico which has an amazing aesthetic but will be more challenging to play in terms of decision making it. All of that said, Floriferous looks like a really good game. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind on it and back it myself as I do really trust the company to put out a good game.

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