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Let There Be Hype – Iron Forest

This is a game that I’ve known about for quite a while. But It’s one that I am super stoked for because I got to play around with a prototype a tiny bit at GenCon in 2019, and it’s from a company that my favorite dexterity game. Brain Games made Ice Cool, this fun game that has you flicking penguins around a box, Iron Forest builds on that, literally, as it gives you something to flick, but also a second story to flick on.

What Is It?

Iron Forest is another flicking game. This one, like I said above has you flicking on two different levels. There is an elevator that you can use to launch your characters up to the second level and there are holes in that second level that you can fall down through back to the first. The concept is just weird, and I really want to play it as it was in such a prototype form that we could only launch penguins from Ice Cool on it.

Iron Forest Mechs
Image Source: Brain Games

But there is more, while Ice Cool is basically a race with victory points, Iron Forest is going to be played over a series of scenarios. The objectives I’m assuming will change over time. And will that be as fun, I’m not sure. It does, though, try and help people who aren’t as good at flicking. It hands out variable player powers that can help you improve your skill by just having to get close to stuff or other random powers. It’s a neat idea since the game is so dependent upon one’s ability to flick something.

You can find more information for it over on Brain Games website and on Board Game Geek.

When And Where Do I Find It?

Well, Brain Games just announced that it is coming soon to Kickstarter. So when, that’s still up in the air, but Kickstarter will be the first spot that you can get it. But in general you can find Brain Games after the fact, such as Ice Cool, and while I don’t see anything that says that’ll be the case for sure, there is nothing that says it’ll be an exclusive as well either.

Hype Level

3 of 5

I love my flicking games, so I am pretty hyped for this. I just had my FLGS set aside Pitch Car for me, so I’m going to have yet another flicking game as well. But I want more of them! The reason it isn’t higher, though, is because I’m not sure something like this, scenario based with get played as often as Ice Cool or Pitch Car, but since it is team versus team, maybe it will be.

Also, the scale starts with 1 as hyped and 5 as super hyped, so I’m definitely very excited for it.

Was this game ever on your radar? Does it sound cool to at least see in action (I think it will be a great con game)? Is it one you are hyped for?

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