Zombicide Undead or Alive
Back or Brick Kickstarter Table Top

Back or Brick: Zombicide Undead or Alive

Draw your gun and fire away in this zombie blasting wild west board game and the latest iteration of the Zombicide franchise from CMON Games.


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  • Proven company
  • Proven game system
  • Wild West Theme
  • Fun Parody Characters
  • Campaign and Scenario based


  • FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
  • Shipping

The Page

I know people have issues with CMON for reasons. They drive a very hard FOMO Kickstarter campaign. And that is a knock on it for me. When I look at the page, it is plastered with Kickstarter exclusives, which are cool. But if someone finds out about it later, generally those minis or things are sold on the secondary market for a massive premium. So Zombicide: Undead or Alive really wants you to back it now and get in on it.

The page itself, like most CMON pages is laid out well. They are going to show off their minis, which is fine. That is what they are known for, and the minis look great.

The Game

The game itself is a known system. They’ve done Zombicide 1st and 2nd Edition. Zombicide: Black Plague, Zombicide: Dawn of the Dead, and Zombicide Invaders. This is a dice chucking monster fighting game. You run around trying to kill zombies, complete objectives and get the hell out of Dodge. And with the iterations they have improved upon the game to some extent most of the times, so the game play now should be better than before.

I also like that in the Steam Punk expansion is adding in a campaign to the game. I’m not sure how much there is campaign in other Zombicide games, but I like that there are just scenarios you can play but also campaigns as well.

Back or Brick

I’m torn right now on if I back this one or not. I feel like I’ll end up backing it because of the old west zombie thing. This game is a Back for me. I know that a lot of people this might be a hard one to swing. The cost isn’t cheap and the shipping can be even more expensive if you are in certain parts of the world. But I think this game is going to be good dice chucking fun, and I feel like it’d be a nice addition to my collection, kind of go into it with the Village Attacks pledge that I have coming eventually.

How about for you, is Zombicide: Undead or Alive a back or a brick for you?

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