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Top 10 Favorite Dice Throne Characters

Now, I could delve into all of the characters, there are 16 of them in between the two seasons. I have played all of the characters at least once which makes Dice Throne one of my top 2-3 games played over the past year or two. And Dice Throne is a game that I still always want to pull out and play.

What is the Game?

So Dice Throne is a battle game where you generally play 1 vs 1 in a dice chucking fantasy setting. It has some feel of a video game like Mortal Kombat. Your turns are spent upgrading your attacks, playing cards to heal, or manipulate your dice during attacks, and then your opponent rolling dice for their defense. It has a kind of Magic the Gathering flow with how the turns work, but this is a pure dice chucker. You can also play on teams, or with an odd number of players play King of the Hill where you attack one person and you can choose, but there is a benefit to attacking the person with the most healthy. The last character standing is the winner.

The Top 10

10 – Moon Elf

We start with a pretty easy character to play, the Moon Elf. They are one of the first ones that they recommend that you play, and they are just fun. I like that they give you a wide variety of tokens that you can use some of them help with the defensive side of things, like evasive, and others like blind and entangle are negative. I really think that the more defensive nature of the character is interesting. You really are looking to reduce damage a lot of the time when attacked versus others that are wanting to push out damage.

9 – Artificer

While the Moon Elf is a simpler character, the next two are going to be much more complex. The Artificer is all about building up three different robots and using them. or placing nanites on your enemy and then exploding them. There are a lot of moving pieces that you need to keep track of. But I like trying to figure out that puzzle, what to spend my synth on, which is what you use to build, activate and possibly use other abilities as well. The more you need to manage the more interesting it can be for me.

8 – Treant

Like I said, I like to manage a lot of things, but the Treant simplifies it a little bit from the Artificer, where it has seedlings that just grow every turn. And it also can heal a lot. But do you grow a seedling up to the largest level or do you keep them smaller and have more. There is certainly a puzzle to it as you have to decide at times between three things for how to use your seedlings. The Treant also has more ability to heal than a lot of other characters as well. They can put together a good defensive battle quite often.

7 – Ninja

Packaged with the Treant is the Ninja in the duel packs, and I have both in my Top 10. Now that’ll happen some more, but I’ve only gotten to play the Ninja with a physical copy recently. I like the abilities that the ninja has, the delayed poison adds a twist because it’s one of the few abilities that triggers at the end of a round. They aren’t the most defensive character, but a well times smoke bomb can be a big win for them. But I really like them because they can push the offense with the delayed poison and the ninjitsu.

6 – Shadow Thief

The Shadow Thief is a weird one and in a really good way. The Shadow Thief gets so much of it’s power from combat points. The combat points are normally just used to get cards into play, but the Shadow Thief generates damage based off how much CP it has and it can gain even more CP based off of attacks. It used to be able to steal a lot of CP from other players, but they have limited it now, it’s still a great time because it gives you so many options. I feel like the Shadow Thief is one of the most flexible characters.

5 – Vampire Lord

Now, some of the characters that heal, I don’t like that well. But the Vampire Lord makes it fun because they heal by draining others, as you’d expect. They have a lot of blood powers, and mesmerize which is a fun power. They also deal maybe smaller amounts of damage but there is a lot that’s undefendable which means that they can at times get more damage through consistently. Overall just a fun one to play, and I really like the ones that have powers or tokens that stack up and can do more the more that you have.

Dice Throne Moon Elf
Image Source: Dice Throne
4 – Cursed Pirate

This is another one that is out there. All the characters have ways to upgrade your attack spots and defense, except for the Cursed Pirate side. The Cursed Pirate has a side and then a Ghost Pirate side that you can flip to. It has an interesting push your luck element to it as you want to become the Ghost Pirate but if you do, you start taking damage on your turn, and there is no going back. So it creates a timer, but the abilities on that side are better, so do you rush it and shoot for big hits or do you keep yourself just cursed and try and survive longer that way.

3 – Monk

The monk is probably the most defensive character on the list. They get Evasive that allows them to potentially take no damage. They have chi which will block damage, and they can cleanse negative affects off themselves. Again, that Chi gives them a resource that is interesting to use and gives them so much survivability in this game. The Monk can draw things out until you can upgrade a lot and get some big hits in of your own. Normally I don’t always love a ton of defense, but the monk is definitely interesting in how it does it.

2 – Pyromancer

So I go from a defensive character to a completely offensive character. On defensive rolls the Pyromancer can’t stop incoming damage, they can just deal damage back. And I think that it feels like a rush as you try and push out as much damage as possible and race to the end. They also give you fire mastery to mess around with. This again goes that resource management where you need to know how to spend them or when you should horde up more of them to get a bigger hit later. And while a lot of these resources that stack up add over time, the fire mastery reduces every turn so timing up the big hits is key.

1 – Gunslinger

Finally, number one, we have the Gunslinger. It is really close between the Gunslinger and the Pyromancer. The Gunslinger just feels like a jack of all trades. You can get bounty on people will will do more damage and I love the defense on the Gunslinger which is just a duel or a roll off that can greatly reduce damage. It feels so thematic, which all of the characters do, which is impressive for a dice chucking game.

Some of the characters I don’t have on the list are generally ones that I need to play more. The Huntress I think is very interesting, I just need to spend more time figuring out that character and her tiger pet which is really interesting. The Seraph and Paladin can both be more defensive as well. And the Tactician and Samurai I just haven’t played with enough. The Barbarian is fine as well, just more of a basic character, good for new players.

What is your favorite Dice Throne character?

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