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Malts and Meeples: Marvel United Enter the Spider-Verse

Take a dive into the Spider-Verse with me on last nights Malts and Meeples live stream. I take Spider-Ham and Ghost Spider up against the Green Goblin as I break out the Marvel United expansions and see what the new characters and new villains are capable of. Will we defeat the Green Goblin or will he get the best of us?

The Game

As I said, the game I played was Marvel United. In particular I broke out the Enter the Spider-Verse expansion. I thought about doing the Tales of Asgard expansion instead, but when the choice was between Spider-Ham and Beta Ray Bill, I think I made a solid choice. I played the game as if it was a two handed cooperative experience versus a purely solo game, though I talk about how the solo mode works for the game.

Marvel United is a cooperative game where you take 2-4 heroes up against a villain. You are trying to stop their evil plan. You fight thugs, thwart plans, and rescue civilians until you can track down the villain and attack them. What that means, is basically you have three things to try and complete. After the first one is done the villain becomes more active, after the second one you can start beating up the villain, and you need to take out the villain, at least in the case of the Green Goblin.

The Beer

Yesterday was National Beer Day, and while I was a bit distracted in my description, I had a brew from Outstate Brewing in Fergus Falls, MN, my home town. I picked it up when I went up for Easter. A New England style Hazy IPA, it is pretty solid. I like IPA’s a lot, but I don’t always love hazy IPA’s. Too often they taste like someone dumped fruit juice into an IPA, which is how a lot of them actually are made. That is too sweet for me and too fruity, I want a bit of bitter or tart when I drink a fruity beer. The beer name was Edge Catcher, and unfortunately it’ll be hard to find unless you are in that area of Minnesota as Outstate Brewing was founded right before the pandemic and has very limited distribution.

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