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365 Days of Board Gaming – March Recap

We’re back to see how well I am doing on my 365 plays in 365 days, and honestly, it’s close to being on track, but I’m slipping a little bit each month. There is still so much more board gaming to be done. However, the vaccine for Covid-19 is available to everyone in Minnesota now, so as people get vaccinated, I expect my in person gaming to see an uptick. In fact, I’ve already gotten in 9 game plays this month because of Easter and then last evening getting in six plays in. And I am going to be playing Marvel United tonight at 8 pm over on Malts and Meeples.

Let’s see what all got played in the month of March.

Tainted Grail – 4 Plays

The campaign game that I have rolling now and will have even more plays of starting on Friday when I start a second campaign. I love this game and the stories that it tells. Trying to track down a giant guardian monster to fight. Going in a completely different direction than before and finding out things about the grail, and the world I hadn’t seen before. There is so much story and so much lore to unpack that I’m excited to dive in and see more of it. The game is tough, but it is really so worth it.

Super Fantasy Brawls – 3 Plays

I picked this one up and I blame GloryHoundd YouTube channel for it, but I am really glad that I did. This is a skirmish game that is based around card play. Your play with three different powers basically and you play one card of each power per round. So it makes for some interesting combos and pushes you in what you do while still being really simple.

The game also works because it’s not just rush in and smash stuff, there are goals to complete as well which gives you points. And if you ever have a character knocked out, they can come back in, so it isn’t like you can get locked out of certain cards. Really fun game and I’m excited for more heroes with the Round 2 that wrapped up on Kickstarter.

Super Fantasy Brawl
Image Source: Mythic Games

Ganz Schon Clever – 3 Plays

This one will be on the list a lot. I just like the game. Ganz Schon Clever is a nice puzzle game and a good roll and write for people who don’t know roll and writes that well. Always fun to play and works well enough via Zoom.

Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition – 3 Plays

Another roll and write game, this one is about route building. I need to play this with expansions because I like the base game a lot, but I think the expansions would add in even more. I will say, it is not easy making a good route. But it is fun trying to make the best one possible. Also played via Zoom and it worked pretty well, I will say. It is nice that so many roll and writes one person can have the dice and it works. You just need to print off the sheets.

Hanamikoji – 3 Plays

I played this one at work most recently. I know I love the game, but it was fun to get it back to the table, because it is such as simple yet thinky game. The four actions that you can do give you so much to think about. When do you play them, what cards has your opponent hidden away and how can you make the play good for you but not help your opponent that much. We knocked out those three games really fast after the new player learned the rules. My favorite two player only game.

Twice As Clever – 2 Plays

More roll and writes and more that I’ve already played a number of times this year. Like Ganz Schon Clever is is just a fun roll and write game. And it is good over Zoom.

Image Source: Gamewright

Metro X – 2 Plays

This one I need to play on Malts and Meeples, I thought I had but apparently not yet. It is a run route filling in game that is challenging. Unlike Railroad Ink where it has you connecting things, here you are just filling in predefined routes. That sounds simpler, but the rules for how you can fill in the routes makes it very challenging. And the cards you flip, in this roll and write game, never come up quite the right way. Definitely a good one and it comes with dry erase boards.

Codenames: Pictures – 2 Plays

It had been a while since I played any form of Codenames. It generally got pulled out once or twice a year. But it was fun to play again. We did it via Zoom so Kristen and I were the people giving clues. We messed it up some, but it was a blast and works well via Zoom. I still stand by my thought that Pictures is the far superior version to words because you have way more chances to be clever. I remember games of Codenames Pictures for the game, I remember regular Codenames for where I was.

Clever Hoch Drei – 1 Play

What, more roll and writes. Well, we had to play through the trilogy of Ganz Schon Clever, Doppelt So Clever and Clever Hoch Drei. This one is interesting to teach. But I like it probably the second best. It gives you a lot of confusing things to do but once you get them down, they make sense.

Marvel United – 1 Play

I’ll let my videos do the talking:

Marvel United is a great simple cooperative game. And now I have way more with the expansions. I’ll be playing one tonight, as I said above, at 8 PM Central time, so join me then.

Marvel Battleworld – 1 Play

Let’s be fair, I play Marvel Battleworld for the thrill of busting open something to see what little Marvel figure I got. Will I ever play it again after I open up the characters, I mean, I have, but it’s not high on my list to play again. This is a game with massive amounts of toy factor to it and that collectors itch as well. Marvel Battleworld is not a great game, it’s extremely simple and very random. That’s a big knock, but did I mention the collectors itch that it gives you as you break into a blind pack?

So many games played, but still not quite on track. Which of these games seems the most interesting to you to play?

Yearly Stats

Just as we get into the year, let’s see how we are doing stats wise, this will include what I’ve done in April thus far as well.

85 Plays with 16 different people.

The game played the most with 12 total plays is Deadly Doodles followed by Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon with 9 and then tied Ganz Schon Clever and Metro X with 7. In total there have been 24 different games played. And 9 of the games are roll and write games.

So it’s looking good, and I love to see that I am playing board games a lot. Honestly, playing a board game and letting my brain think that way versus thinking about work or a work problem or something like that is one of my favorite ways to de-stress.

Well, I’ll be back next month with all the new plays.

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