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Back or Brick: Mythic Battles Ragnarok

Take the Norse gods into battle and decide the fate of the nine realms in Mythic Battles Ragnarok, a skirmish game from Monolith Games.


  • Based on existing game
  • Established Company
  • Norse theme
  • Skirmish Game


  • History of rulebook issues
  • Skirmish Game

The Page

Monolith Games know how to create a good looking page and good looking minis. They have done a great job of highlighting it on this page. But I do have some issues with the page that knocks it down. It’s less in the content, more in the order of the content. The stretch goals take a prominent spot on the page, after the introduction. I really dislike it when companies do that. I want to know about the game first, and stretch goals while fun are an added bonus.

They do get into a lot of information on game play, which I appreciate. I’m less hesitant about the rule book and the rule set issues that Monolith is known for because this is based off of an existing game already. Though that is a downside as well, because now I kind of want the original game as well.

The Game

The game itself is interesting to me beyond the Norse theme. I tend to like skirmish games, in fact I just played Super Fantasy Brawl twice last night. But I want them to be somewhat unique. Super Fantasy Brawl keeps it super simple and easy to play. Then others like Krosmaster have a simple look to them and generally simple game play but add in a bit more complexity. This one seems to be a more complex skirmish game.

But there are elements of the skirmish that are really cool. Since you are playing as gods, you can pick up trees and terrain like that and use it as a weapon. This game looks like it should create those epic moments of story that you’ll remember for a long time. That is one of the big things that I really look for in a game, and I mean, who doesn’t want to pick up a tree and swing it around as Thor?

Back or Brick

This is a tough one. Because of the companies history I hesitated a little bit before deciding that right now it’s a Back for me. The main thing that concerns me is all of the add-ons, which I didn’t talk about before, but you want to get Odin, that’s an add-on, this game could end up being very expensive. What you get in the base game is solid for the price, especially with the stretch goals, but if you want everything, that’s $300, before shipping. Now I would just do the base pledge, but I kind of want Odin, so do I add in one add-on? Plus, I know I have an expensive Kickstarter coming up with Marvel United X-Men.

Have you played the original Mythic Battles: Pantheon? Did you like it? Are you backing or is this one a brick?

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