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Point of Order: A Board Game To Future Me

Every once in a while there is a board game that I want to pre-order, in fact, I think I missed talking about one that I did pre-order already, so we’ll toss that in here as well. Pre-ordering is fun, kind of. I know that sometime this year I have a package – two actually – coming with new games for me and I don’t know when. It’s a bit like Kickstarter, but probably with less delays. It might be as many, I know that Forgotten Circles for Gloomhaven was delayed for ages, but that’s besides the point, let’s see what I pre-ordered.

Detective: Vienna Connection

One of my best gaming experiences in 2020 was playing through Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. It shot it way up my list for Top 100 Board Games, see how high it got. And then I was waiting for more of it to show up, Dig Deeper and LA Crimes expansions. This takes the game in a totally different direction. You are less detectives, in the original think more FBI anyways, and you are spies or working against spies or both. I love the theme on this one and I like that it is taking it in a different direction. Why did I pre-order it, because you got some cool upgrades that I think will make the gamey even more fun.

Arkham Horror LCG: The Circle Undone & The Forgotten Age

Image Source: Fantasy Flight

Arkham Horror LCG is a game that I have really enjoyed. It’s bounced around my Top 20 games of all time and I really need to play it more. It works for me because it offers really interesting game play while still telling a story. I love the hand management aspect to it, the deck construction and leveling up. And you can just grab the big boxes and just play through those without getting all the small packs to play the arcs. This might actually be what I start tackling when I stream on Wednesday. The game is just a lot of fun.

Will I eventually get some of the small packs and finish off what I have, I might. But right now, I can play through the main campaign from the base box and go from there. Those expansions might be harder to get, but the game is just so much fun that I want to try and play it more. Also, it is so good solo.

Super-Skill Pinball: Ramp It Up!

I believe that I have said I like roll and write games. And Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade is one that is a ton of fun. It is surprisingly thematic for a roll and write. Can it 100% emulate a pinball machine, no, but it is close. I like the tables that I’ve played a lot, and this adds more. I think that sometime I might set-up a mini tournament sort of thing, play through all four tables a few times and see what my best combo of scores might be. That could also be fun to do on Malts and Meeples over a few times or with viewers who have the game.

From what I know, this is just going to add in more tables. Now, I don’t need that yet, but this is the part that is delaying it. Right now not 100% sure on the date that it’ll come out but best guessing put it around September. That is a long ways out.

Destinies Board Game
Image Source: Lucky Duck Games

Time of Legends: Destinies

I considered backing this when it was on Kickstarter. A game by Lucky Duck Games, known for Chronicles of Crime, this uses their QR code system for an app assisted story driven experience. The game comes with a number of scenarios to play through. So it’s more a scenario game than it is a campaign game. But it still should have immersive story telling elements. And that story telling and the hidden secrets that each character have, that really interested me.

I couldn’t swing it when it was on Kickstarter in 2019, but now I am grabbing it retail. Also a pre-order item, this one should be out sooner, though I won’t get it. That is the downside, of course to doing a pre-order, you have to wait for the latest game in the pre-orders to ship.

What Sounds Most Interesting?

Of course, I am excited for all of these games. I really enjoy all of them and the expansions are for games that are high in my Top 100. But Time of Legends: Destinies is really interesting to me. It is a story driven game, but it’s not a campaign game, it isn’t a cooperative game even. So I want to try it out and just see how it works. I think it might scratch that itch for some narrative gamers but who like competitive as well. How about you, which would you want to play first?

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