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Let There Be Hype: Witcher Old World

Based off of the popular video game series, Witcher, this actually takes place before those games in a time when there were still more Witchers. Players take on the roles of rival Witchers seeking to adventure around the lands, fight monsters, and even fight other Witchers and end up being the one who comes out on top. The Witcher Old World is coming out with a competitive mode in the base box, but a cooperative and solo modes in the Kickstarter.

What Is It?

Well, besides what I said above, and I’ll go into more of that, it is also a deck building game. Each Witcher starts out with their own deck, I’m assuming not unique, but I don’t know. You get a hand of cards that you can play out on your turn to move with, adventure with, and of course fight or gamble with. Of course, you can fight the classic monsters that you know from the Witcher video games as well as your fellow Witchers which adds in some more confrontation. But you can see more of how it works from this game play over a few rounds from the designer and his wife.

You can find out even more about the Witcher Old World in their other YouTube Videos, over on Board Game Geek and on their Facebook page.

When And Where Do I Find It?

It is coming to Kickstarter in May. I don’t know if there is plans for retail after that, but when the Kickstarter goes live, it should tell you. You can sign up to get notified when the Kickstarter goes live here.

Hype Level

3 of 5

As always, if this your first time seeing this, a 1 is just that I’m hyped, anything higher is more hyped, so I’m quite hyped for this. It would be higher, but I have not played the video games. Instead, I’m just going off of what I know of the show, which I thought was okay, but I loved the world. So getting to play in that world, that sounds awesome. Plus, I love deck building, so they had me sold on it right there. I think if I were to play the games, I’d be even more excited for it. Okay, if I play one of the games, it’ll be the third one, but still, I’d be more excited about this game, which is saying something.

How hyped are you for The Witcher Old World board game? Let me know in the comments below.

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