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Point of Order: Miniature Market Flash Sale

So, I could have shared this all with you, and maybe I should have. But I do not want to become one of the sites that just shares every sale that has come up, because there are already some decent spots for that, or sign up for the news letters and promotional stuff from the board game publishers or retailers. But Miniature Market, one of the spots I order from most often and has solid sales did a flash sale. It wasn’t that great a sale, only 5% off your whole order, but that included sale items, closeout items and basically everything. There were a few exceptions but I avoided those.

So, what did I get?

Terraforming Mars & Prelude Expansion

Terraforming Mars is the #4 right now on the Board Game Geek games list. That is super high, and the concept of Terraforming Mars has always interested me. So why for such a popular game am I getting to it now? Well, it looks bad. There’s no other way to put it, the tiles look pretty boring, there are a lot of cubes, nothing, when I look at the game says play me. It says, I am a dry and boring game. Now, from the game play, I think it’ll be a very interesting engine building game.

And it is an engine building game. I tend to like engine building games. The reason that I did get an expansion, Prelude, for it, though is that the engine building is apparently a little slow in Terraforming Mars. Prelude creates a variant way to play that jump starts that. Now there are a whole lot more expansions that I might get after I’ve played, but only that one for right now. And there is an amazing tile set that was Kickstartered a while ago that I can track down, maybe, later to make the game look better.

Res Arcana Lux Et Tenebrae
Image Source: Sand Castle Games

Res Arcana: Lux Et Tenebrae

So this is an expansion for Res Arcana. I needed a small thing to get me to the free shipping. And this actually seems like a really good expansion. It adds in a few things, allows you to play with five players, and helps with scaling of the game. Not sure that scaling is much of an issue, but it’s nice to have that option to play with more. Mainly this seems to add in more of what was already there for Res Arcana. Another engine building game and one that I really need to play because it seems unique.

The Bloody Inn

This game is one I’ve wanted to play for a long time. With how Zee Garcia from The Dice Tower and the Brothers Murph, from the Brothers Murph, describe it sounds like a lot of fun. You all run your own Bloody Inn where you know it is easier to just kill the people and steal their money than make an honest living. In the game you hide bodies and bribe police to look the other way. It sounds morbid but also kind of silly.

The theme will help sell The Bloody Inn to some people, and I know it did to me. I don’t mind dark humor, especially since this is such an absurd concept. I could be running an inn and just making money like normal, but no, it is easier to kill the people, steal their money, and hide them away in your in. That makes no sense, but sounds like a lot of fun.

The Bloody Inn
Image Source: Pearl Games

Which Sounds Most Interesting?

While I think that The Bloody Inn might be the one that gets played the most for me. I really want to try and play Terraforming Mars. I know it is a bigger game, but the concept of competing to terraform Mars seems really cool. It is also a game that must be solidly put together, so I want to dig into the mechanics. Sure, it might not be for me with all it’s cubes and drab looks in the end, but I really do want to give it a try and see how it is.

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