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Let There Be Hype: Slay the Spire Board Game

You might not know about the video game, Slay the Spire. But I am really digging it. In fact, I did a review of the video game not too long ago which you can find here. Slay the Spire takes deck building elements and puts it into a fun and challenging video game, and now they are doing a board game.

What Is It?

Well, Slay the Spire, the video game, is a deck building game at it’s heart where you are fighting monsters. You climb up three different levels, fighting battles, destroying monsters, getting treasures, new cards, and new potions to use as you climb further up. There are four different playable characters that all have their own unique decks and unique cards that you can add even some unique relics that you can get which makes them even more powerful.

There isn’t much out yet for the board game. However, what there is makes it sound like the video game. You pick a character, build a deck, and fight your way up the spire. I love that idea, and I love deck building so I was definitely interested when this game was announced. I want so badly to see more mechanics, or maybe some game play, but that isn’t out yet. The main reason is the tower gives different paths to climb and I want to see how that is mimicked in the game.

When And Where Do I Find It?

Slay the Spire is coming to Kickstarter. They say spring of 2021, so I am guessing that it could be any time now. If you want to get notified as to when it launches, Contention Games a spot to sign up on their website. I hope that this won’t be a Kickstarter exclusive. I plan on picking it up on Kickstarter though.

Hype Level

4 of 5

Normal disclaimer, I am hyped, 1 is hyped and 5 is super hyped.

So why am I so hyped? I love this video game. I sit down often and play a run or two, because they don’t take too long. That is not common for me to come back to a game so much. I really hope that the board game version of Slay the Spire is like that as well. And if the battles go as fast (or nearly) as they do in the video game, that will be amazing.

How about for you, are you hyped for a Slay the Spire Board Game?

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