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Back or Brick: Game Toppers 3.0

This isn’t a board game, but a board game accessories. Game Toppers gives you a nicer surface to get your game played on from game mats to big toppers to set on top of your existing table from Game Toppers LLC.


  • Price
  • Variety of options
  • Legs for the toppers
  • Mats


  • Price

The Page

This isn’t the first Kickstarter that Game Toppers LLC has run, and you can tell. Now, it can be a bit intimidating to look at because there are a ton of different options. So you need to scroll through all of them to see what there is and what you might want. I wish that there was an easy to read infographic about the size differences.

Now, with that said, for each topper size, they do a solid job of laying out what the size would probably be best for. And the do have a graphic that shows what different mat designs are in different sizes, but it doesn’t scale well on the page, so I had to mess around with it to figure out which images were available on which sizes.

The Product

The products look really good. Even with the legs, these are a whole lot cheaper than most board game tables. And I think that it’s a product that makes pretty good sense. Now, I will knock it a tiny bit because you need to store it, and these aren’t small, even coming in multiple parts. If I were to get one, I would just put it onto my gaming table and leave it up for good, and I guess that a fair number of people just do that.

So, I do have price as a con as well, and that’s more just that these are a luxury item. They are priced really well, and I mean really really well. But $700 plus if you want to get some different mats and shipping, it adds up pretty quickly. But that is very reasonable for the product being sold.

And finally those mat designs. There are a ton of awesome ones in there. I like a lot of them, in particular the Viking, Laukat, and Cthulhu all look amazing. Even if you aren’t in the market for a full topper, those are great looking. And again, super reasonable price for the size of mat that you are getting.

Back or Brick

So, is this a back or a brick for me? You probably guessed already that it is a back for me. Now, I am not backing for a table topper. I have a decent gaming table already. But I want a mat, or two. The mats make it so much easier to pick up cards, and these are some of the best priced mats I’ve seen. The Kickstarter is definitely the time to get them as well. And I won’t lie, I am really tempted by the double mat bundle and give my games a little bit of thematic choice so I can match what type of game I am playing. Plus the Game Toppers LLC is from my home town.

Is Game Toppers 3.0 a Back or a Brick for you? Do you already have a special gaming table or game mat that you use to play?

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