Lucky Duck Getting Into Legacy Games and More Fantasy Flight

We are back already with some more news. Please note that news will be pinned to the sidebar from here on out because I’m going to be cluttering up my main feed less. But you can find all the news there or I’ll put a link in the menu for board game news. But now it’s time to get onto the news from Lucky Duck and Fantasy Flight.

Fantasy Flight Changed Up Arkham Horror LCG

Fantasy Flight has made a ton of money by doing living card games (LCG’s). starting early with things like Lord of the Rings LCG and Android Netrunner. This has then led into a lot of other successful games like Arkham Horror The Card Game and most recently Marvel Champions. But Fantasy Flight is changing up it’s distribution model for Arkham Horror LCG.

The old model went something like this. A big box and then six mythos packs that rounded out the story. So you’d be in on the big box for about $30-40 and each Mythos Pack for $15. A whole cycle of Arkham Horror LCG would then run around $120. Now they are changing up that release cycle to just be two boxes. The first will still be the same $30-40 box, the next will be a $60 for all of the mythos pack content. If you’ve done the math, that comes out to be about $100, so saves you a bit of money.

So why is Fantasy Flight doing this? Honestly, my guess is because of logistics. Trying to get things printed and shipped at a reasonable cost is really hard right now for gaming companies. And shipping a bunch of small/cheaper products doesn’t make as much sense. I know that they have delayed stuff and moved stuff around for Marvel Champions LCG already because of this. Why did they do it the pack way in the first place, more consistent income most likely, but currently, the box method is likely to work better for them.

Lucky Duck Announces Divinus

Lucky Duck is getting into the legacy game world. They already are known for doing story driven games with the likes of Chronicles of Crime and Destinies. As well as a lot more games such as Kingdom Rush and Jetpack Joyride. But Divinus is going to be a big project for them.

We don’t know a ton about it yet, but it’s a tile-laying, dice-manipulation legacy game with an app. So I guess we do no some about it and it’s going to be the gods fighting each other from different pantheons, but how it all comes together, we don’t know.

Now, I like apps in my games. Probably more so than the average person. But I always wonder a little bit about an ambitious type of game like this. How will the app work, will it hold up to other legacy games that don’t need it. How much more work will it add. There are a few companies, actually talking about two of the three, that I like it when they do apps. I think that Lucky Duck, Awaken Realms, and Fantasy Flight do apps well.

In particular, I think that Lucky Duck Games has really changed how apps are used in a very good way. They have created games that need the app but also really need that physical component as well. I think that apps give more story telling possibilities. And the fact that this is a shorter legacy game, I think 12 sessions, makes me think that they can develop something really good.

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