Chronicles of Drunagor
Back or Brick Table Top

Back or Brick: Chronicles of Drunagor

Battle through a narrative dungeon crawler and level up your character in Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness Apocalypse from Creative Games Studio.


  • Dungeon Crawl
  • Solo
  • Character leveling
  • Character classes


  • Price
  • A lot of stuff on the table

The Page

We’re back on Gamefound, for a campaign that launches in a few hours. That is why it’s a link to Gamefound itself, I will come back in later and add it, but I am prepping this article for the future publishing. So I will be talking about what the draft page looks like, but this is unlike Kickstarter in that you can see a real draft. The only thing that I can’t fully comment on is shipping because they don’t have a shipping table, I hope that is coming.

Otherwise the page lays out things well. I like that they have a reprint, and hopefully slight rules tweaks of the original game. I didn’t back it when it was first on Kickstarter, but now with some reviews out, and an expansion coming, I am interested in it again. But because I didn’t back it, that means I need to look at the content for the base game, because this is an expansion.

The Game

This game seems like it’s my sort of game. It’s about character leveling, fighting through dungeons and going through a story. The knock on the base game that I’ve heard is that the story is pretty linear. Now, I didn’t love that in Sword & Sorcery, because the story seemed basic, but a fairly linear story in Gloomhaven was fine because it felt different. So I hope that this one feels different.

I like how the mechanics in the game works as well. Mainly it has a very interesting mechanic with how you can activate abilities. And those abilities you can upgrade, but you block off those abilities. So when you have to pull off cubes you are putting down a black cube which blocks off an ability.

Finally, this game is a “messy” game. By that I mean that there is a lot. You have a ton on the table. The knock the BoardGameCo had with it was that it’s harder to get to the table because of all the bits. Hopefully with some nicer trays as a stretch goal to help it get to the table faster. But I wonder if, like Gloomhaven, even a cross stitch/craft box would help with that for sorting out tokens.

Back or Brick

This seems like the type of game I’d like a lot. And the price on the Kickstarter is really good. To buy the base game and stretch goal box from the original Kickstarter is at minimum $250 now. So for $115 plus $40 shipping (my guess) that is a much better deal. Granted, I won’t get it as soon, but there will be some updates. So yes, this is probably going to be a Back for me.

How about for you, is this a back or a brick? Have you played the original game and are going for the expansion?

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