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Mid Year Crowdfunding Review

Alright folks, first year for doing this, but let’s review all those games that I backed on Kickstarter and Gamefound. There are quite a number, and I’ll talk about a few I backed for $1 only, whether or not that pledge will change, and why. Which of these crowdfunding games am I going to be most excited for, you’ll have to find out.

ISS Vanguard

This is a massive exploration adventure game set in space. I have some of those set on Earth or in a fantasy setting, but none in space. Plus this is Awaken Realms. I love the story in the games that I have of theirs, even Lords of Hellas which isn’t a story game. This one also is fully narrated and has an app that helps with some of the book keeping, but not that much. I like that it can help but isn’t needed, just makes it more immersive, like it does with Tainted Grail.

Excitement Level: 9.5/10

Chronicles of Drunagor

There is a chance that I will drop this one, but everything I’ve seen on this game, it looks like one that I’ll love. In fact, you can just read my Back or Brick from Wednesday (link coming) to see why I’m interested. This is a big table hog of a campaign game, but still looks like so much fun. And how you activate abilities is just great, makes it feel like a puzzle, which is like Gloomhaven that way.

Excitement Level: 8/10

Spire’s End: Hildegard

This one drew me in because of the artwork. What got me to back it though was that it’s a solo, mainly, game. But it isn’t a massive minis game, this is just 400 cards or so and you take Hildegard through an adventure, digging through four chapters, reading cards, fighting monsters and doing more things. The concept is fu and the artwork is amazing.

Excitement Level: 9/10

Spires End Hildegard
Image Source: Favro Games

Isle of Cats: Don’t Forget the Kittens

Those cute kitty cats, don’t forget them on the Island. I’ve played Isle of Cats once and I really like it. The game play is a lot of fun, the drafting works well, though I want to try it with more people, and overall, just getting more stuff seems like a lot of fun. Plus a roll and write, plus an organizer to make it easier to get to the table.

Excitement Level: 7.5/10

Marvel United: X-Men

Marvel United has about 80 minis, Marvel United X-Men takes that total up to around 200. But it adds in a lot of cool things. It can take this cooperative game and make it team versus team. You can make it one versus all with one person playing the villain. And some of the villains can also be heroes, so just lots of awesome more stuff. Plus the amazing minis. I really need to start painting them.

Excitement Leve: 7.5/10

Canvas: Reflections

This game has gotten a lot of buzz as a simple but gorgeous game. There is no doubt that it’s gorgeous just looking at that artwork in it. And I like games that give you something pretty in front of you. This is like Sagrada in that you end up with something pretty in front of you when you’re done. I hope that it’s a good simple one for my wife and me to play.

Excitement Level: 8/10

Image Source: R2i Games

Super Fantasy Brawl: Round 2

More characters for Super Fantasy Brawl, yes please. I love this game as a skirmish game where if you don’t fight, you’re probably going to lose, but if you only fight, you’re probably going to lose. It gives you enough to go for as you play to make it a blast to get to the table. And drafting teams is fun, this gives me more to draft from. If only the insert wasn’t horrible.

Excitement Level: 8/10

Zombicide: Undead or Alive

So, early this year I believe I traded in Zombicide Green Horde, why did I get more Zombicide? Well because zombies and the wild west, that’s way more interesting. Honestly, if it weren’t for the Wild West theme I’d have ignored it and passed on for another game. But I like a scenario big game. It reminds me kind of something like Village Attacks, which I’m still waiting on, where I can pull it out play a scenario and then be done.

Excitement Level: 7/10

Aeon’s End Legacy of Gravehold

It helps that I’m playing through Aeon’s End Legacy right now, but I’m super excited for this game. But I really like Aeon’s End. I like the deck building of it and I just want more of it. Especially something that’s a bit more story driven like Aeon’s End Legacy is.

Excitement Level: 9/10

Tiny Turbo Cars

Horrible Guild makes amazing games, and they make games with amazing toy factor. Tiny Turbo Cars looks to have that as well. Programming how your cars go as fast as possible each time. I think it’ll be good hectic fun and a good light game. There isn’t much to learn so once I’ve played it a few times it’ll be fast to get to the table. And maybe you’ll just get lucky and do well with a random pick.

Excitement Level: 9/10

Tiny Turbo Cars
Image Source: Horrible Guild

Vault Wars: Relic Roadshow

This one is actually almost here. It’s a smaller game and actually a reprint of a game, Vault Wars. It just now has an expansion as well. It’s basically fantasy Storage Wars. Now, I hope it’s a good game, but the theme was fun for me, and it looks like a pretty light and easy game to get to the table. And like I said, it should be here in a day or so.

Excitement Level: 6/10


This one is actually a book, but it’s a game book. It’s not a book about games, it’s a game in a book. I tend to like these types of books where you have to puzzle through them. I mainly just need to find the time to play them. Between reading comics and Dresden Files books, I need to do better about just picking up the one I have.

Excitement Leve: 7.5/10


This was one of the first ones I backed this year. It is kind of a campaign game, but really a big boss battling game. What drew me in was the minis, but also how for a big game with massive minis, it wasn’t a game that had a million tokens. You just have health and you play out some cards. Plus it has a campaign, but you can just face off against a monster if you want to. Like Zombicide: Undead or Alive and Village Attacks, those big games you can get to the table that feel epic still are what I’m kind of looking for some right now.

Excitement Level: 8/10

Witcher Old World
Image Source: Go On Board

For $1

  • Deliverance
    Love the theme, but the base pledge level missed out on so many extras that it doesn’t feel worth it to back for me. But just in case I want to bump it higher, I kept it.
  • The Witcher: Old World
    A friend is backing this one, so I can play their copy. I’ll wait on it because I didn’t want all the minis anyways.
  • Valor and Villainy: Lludwick’s Labyrinth
    The original game looked interesting, this one has campaign and is fully cooperative and legacy, all stuff I love, but I’d love to try it before I commit the money.
  • Mythic Battles: Ragnarok
    Deities fighting it out, wielding trees as weapons, that sounds amazing, but price is so high, right now I’m waiting on it.

What have you backed this year?

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