Spires End Hildegard
Back or Brick Kickstarter Table Top

Back or Brick: Spires End Hildegard

Take Hildegard on a journey of adventure through the land of Spires End in this Choose Your Own Adventure style game from Favro Games.


  • Solo Play
  • Story Driven
  • Aesthetic


  • Solo, kind of two player
  • Price

The Page

This page looks very solid. Not a major Kickstarter company but one that’s clearly run a successful one before. It really helps the the artwork stands out so nicely. Mainly because the artwork feels to unique. In a sea of minis, monsters, and darkness, this has almost a classic penning look to it that feels refreshing.

Now, price, I talk about that a little bit. This is a game where it’ll be about $55 for 400 cards and some dice. The dice look nice, but still, with shipping that’s fairly steep. Don’t get me wrong, the price is fair. There is a ton of artwork, there is a ton of story that goes into it. As someone who writes, I know how long writing can take at times. It is just a harder sell because of the price and shipping. And I also get that shipping is really expensive right now to add to that as well.

The Game

The game looks like loads of fun to me. I love story driven games, and this one with the artwork looks so unique. I like that you make choices, do challenges, and that pushed you through the story. Unlike, it seems from an overview I watched, you don’t go back up in the deck, so every card you miss is story element that you can come back to and play with later. This is great because it makes it replayable.

I want to compare this to Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger, for that reason. In that game, sure, I didn’t go through every card in a chapter, but as much as you bounce around and explore, you go back up and down in the deck. I love that this gives the visual representation of how much you’ve missed. I don’t know what percentage of the first chapter I’ve seen of House of Danger, I will for this.

The use of the dice also seems interesting. Jesse from Quackalope was talking about how different combats will use dice in different ways. And while you do roll dice, there are ways to mitigate them, seemingly, or different ways to use them. That means it is a random element, but also a strategic element to a game. I hope that they are light and fast to play with.

Back Or Brick

Right now I haven’t decided. I want to back it, and I want to get Spire’s End. Mainly because I love the artwork and this is the type of solo game that is easy to pullout and play. There is little to no set-up, I can just sit down and play through a chapter. But it also isn’t the cheapest out there. House of Danger was because it was from an established company and a bigger run, so better value for me. With this, I feel like the story is going to be better. Right now I think it’ll be a Brick for me with the likes of Divinus and Slay the Spire coming up, but I’m keeping an eye on it.

How about for you, is this game a back or a brick?

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