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Malts and Meeples: Aeon’s End Legacy Chapter 2

It’s time to get back to the table with Aeon’s End Legacy Chapter 2. Things pick up with Gravehold in ruins still. Join me at the table as I play through the next chapter in this legacy, deck-building cooperative board game. There will be spoilers for Aeon’s End Legacy, so if you’re planning on playing or interested and want to know how the game works, checkout my Aeon’s End play through.

The Game

Aeon’s End, like I said, it a cooperative deck building game. Aeon’s End Legacy adds in a Legacy element to that game. There are five different big boxes out for the game, including Legacy, as well as 10 small box expansions. Each of the big boxes can be combines with the others to give you a massive amount of combinations to play with.

The game itself is a deck builder, but one that is pretty unique. The main unique element is that you don’t shuffle your deck. If you run out of cards and need to draw more, you simply flip over your discard pile. It is also a deck builder that has more going on. And that is something that I look for in deck building games.

You are deck building, but like most cooperative games, you have a number of ways to lose. If the nemesis kills all your mages, game over, if the nemesis destroy Gravehold, game over. It also gives you multiple ways to win, sometimes. If you kill off the nemesis you win. If you can survive long enough and deal with all the nemesis cards, you also win. It is a game that is challenging, but also one where you really feel like the you level up and get more powerful as the game goes.

You can see my full review of Aeon’s End: War Eternal here.

The Drink

Last nights drink was an Old Fashioned. Now, you might see some bar old fashioned where you have maraschino cherries, orange peels, and more in them. If you want to do a simple orange peel garnish, that’s okay. But to me, an Old Fashioned should have three things: whiskey, bitters, simple syrup (or sugar and water mixed together). That highlights both the bitters and the whiskey well. The other garnishes or ingredients that people will put in muddies up the flavor for me.

Upcoming Streams

So next week I don’t plan on streaming at all. I have family in town so most likely will be busy entertaining and hanging out on Wednesday.

On the following Monday, the 26th, I will be doing a Top 10 List, TBD on the topic. But it’s down between Gateway Games and Roll and Writes, let me know your thoughts below.

And then the 28th, Wednesday, I’ll be streaming Chapter 3 of Aeon’s End Legacy. Pushing towards that half way point and seeing how many more/cool things will be unlocked.

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