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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game – Game 2

It’s more campaign game time. And we going through the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game some more and taking on the first scenario again. Yeah, the first time it didn’t go so well, you can see that here. But the same cast of characters and slightly better cards than before, it was time to take on the opening scenario again. This time with a lot more time and a few more cars in the decks. So how did Amiri and Seoni do in the adventure this time.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Rules

So, I talked about this a bit at the end of the stream because that play was very fast. How easy is it to learn the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game? My answer would be that it is okay. It is not the easiest game to learn, but it is also not the hardest.

It helps, in some ways that there is a tutorial scenario that you play through. And that it generally walks you through your first turn. But what I wish there was more of, in the rules, were examples on the pages. You get a lot of text, but more examples as you go along. What does a specific action look like. When you fight a monster, write a step by step of how it works. Then the same with acquiring a boon. And then the same with coming up against a barrier.

The rules are just fine. But they could be made great by more examples. Now there is a big example at the end, but I prefer examples throughout. I like it when they show me how to do something, in an example, when I learn it. Not when I am trying to remember everything and might be wondering why they didn’t do a particular step because I’m putting monster combat rules into my check for a boon.

Upcoming Streams

So, two streams for sure coming up. The first being on next Monday. Borrowing from a topic that BoardGameCo did a Top 10 on. I present my Top 10 Crowdfunding that I’d back again. Or, in other words, I can only back 10 Crowdfunding campaigns, which 10 would they be? And come prepared, if you want, with your 10 as well.

And then on Wednesday, game 3 of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. It’ll be a new scenario this time as I got the win. So new scenario, new location, and some new story to go along with it. Join me at 8 PM on Wednesday for that one.

But I want to talk about an upcoming video(s) that I want to do. I want to start covering more crowdfunding. As I said in the video with Backerkit coming into the mix, it’s going to be easier to miss campaigns. You need to go to Gamefound, Backerkit and Kickstarter to see everything. There are other channels that cover it all, but I want to start doing more coverage as well. I think I know what I want it to be.

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