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Slay the Spire- Game Play 4

We’re onto the last character in Slay the Spire. My plan had been to stream some more Chronicles of Drunagor, but I ran out of time to get that set-up ready. Plus, it’s a bit more of a challenging game to stream, just too many moving parts to make a good live stream. So I went back to Slay the Spire on Malts and Meeples last night. And I’ll be picking out my next campaign game soon.

Slay the Spire – The Watcher

So I played the fourth character, who is unlockable in the game, the Watcher. The Watcher is my least favorite of the Slay the Spire characters, though, still can be fun to play. Their main mechanic is messing around with stances, going from a calm stance which gives you energy when you exit out of it to the wrath stance which lets you deal extra damage and take more damage.

What gets me about the character is figuring out the rhythm of what you are doing. Mainly when to swap stances and how that can really influence what you do on a turn. Those cards both cost two energy, so it’s hard to stack them up really well. And I think without some of the unlocked cards, it makes it even trickier. So my climb went pretty well, I could hit for a very high amount of damage. But I went completely away from defense which got me in the end.

I think that is really it for the Watcher. I tend to be an aggressive player in these games. I don’t lean too much into the defense until I get some offense out of it as well. For the Watcher it tends to be either a more sedate play style or all out but you need to get a lot of healing. And I go all out but the Watcher doesn’t have a ton of healing to play around with.

Upcoming Streams

So, next Monday at 8:30 PM Central time, it’s the top 20 through 11 of my Top 100 Games (of all time) 2022 Edition. All the games on my list are good, but we’re definitely getting to the top of them.

And then next Wednesday, I’m not sure what my plan is. Probably a smaller solo game but we’ll see. I did just install Heroes of Might & Magic III, a game that has a board game version on Kickstarter right now, but it’s a video game that I enjoy a lot. So if I have time I might refresh myself on that game possibly as well and could stream that. But otherwise, a smaller solo game is likely.

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