Lands of Galzyr
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Lands of Galzyr by Snowdale Design – Game 3

As autumn sets in and turns to winter, Bumir continues his journey across the Lands of Galzyr. What adventures will he find, what quests will he take, and where will his story lead him. Join me as I play through Lands of Galzyr from Snowdale Design over on the Malts and Meeples YouTube channel.

The Game – Lands of Galzyr

Let’s talk about making mistakes in games. This happens on my streams, and anyone you watch streams, all the time. When you play a game, it happens all the time. There is a question that comes out of it, does it matter?

The short answer, and then I’ll lay out the two things I made a mistake on, is not really. If the experience is fun when you play it, that’s great. When you realize you made a mistake, that doesn’t lessen that experience. Probably means that you fix it for the next time and hopefully it’s still as fun. But because you were doing something against the rules doesn’t make the experience better or worse. Or because I don’t play it perfectly right doesn’t make my experience less meaningful that I had the previous two games.

So you fix your mistakes. Because you are human just like everyone else. And in my case, I do that to start a stream because I realized that I was doing two things wrong. Possibly more, but do things. Granted the first game I missed one rule that made it harder for me.

Lands of Galzyr Rules Mistakes

Firstly, your number of items (little pouch symbol) is a max of three. Means that you have a few less tags consistently and might have made a difference. Granted, cards that you have without that symbol, things like like letter or different traits, you can have a good number of those and that’s how you build up what you have.

The other thing is that the quests are at specific towns. I had that before. But there is a pick-up point, then you flip it over and can go to the next spot. So you need to travel from one location to another more than I was doing. Definitely made it easier on myself and likely would have changed up how the first game in particular went. Granted, that is the one I did worst on, so maybe it wouldn’t have.

I don’t know that either of these are really “gotchas” that you need to worry about when teaching the game. If you remember they are easy enough to teach, but sometimes when starting a game the rules just don’t stick right away. I think even more so when streaming because I’m worried about the setup, the audio, interacting, and everything really.

Upcoming Streams

So, next Wednesday at 8 PM Central Bumir is going to continue his exploration. I expect that he is going to have a grand old time as he goes around again, as will I. I’m already legendary, let’s see what the next thing I can unlock might be. So join me then, and I’ll try and get the link to the video up sooner than 10 minutes ahead of schedule this time.

On Monday it might be experimenting with a new camera, though that might happen on Sunday. But Monday I want to play 18 Hole Course Architect again. Show off a little bit better what the game is about compared to the last stream where I ran into my camera issues.

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