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Slay the Spire- Game 6

Last night I didn’t have a game to get tabled because I’d been busy with projects all Monday and hadn’t grabbed anything new. So it was a Slay the Spire night where I took the Silent on a climb of the tower to see if I could beat it with that character, after handling it with the Ironclad twice now. And, you’ll have to see how well it went and what I might have messed up on.

The Game – Slay the Spire

I’ve already talked a lot about the video game and the board game. So let’s dive into a bit more detail on the character(s) as I go. Because characters have different ways that you can build out their decks. Now, not all of them will work every time, you need to adjust and adapt to the cards you get. But what are the different builds you can do with the Silent?

There are two main builds for the Silent, and you saw a blended one last night. But they are either a shiv build or a poison build. I had a lot of shivs to go with my poison, but often times you’re doing one or the other. Mainly because there are powers that make either more effective.

For the shiv build you are looking to get as many shivs as possible to deal free damage on a turn. If you can throw 6 shivs a turn, that’s 24 damage on two energy. And that is good, but then there are things, like accuracy for shivs, that add to the damage. Now you would be doing 48 damage a turn, or with even more accuracy maybe 72 damage. It’s about doing as many of those zero cost attacks as you can.

Poison, on the other hand, is often more passive. You are looking to get poison onto a monster and defend while that poison damage takes them out. If you can hunker down long enough, and have cards like Noxious Fumes to passively add more poison, you can eventually take down a monster. And with the cards for poison, most anyways, not being attacks, you can get some other benefits if you have the right relics.

Upcoming Streams

So let’s look ahead to what is coming up next. On Wednesday I am going to be streaming more Lands of Galzyr. I had a great time with the first stream, so join me and see what story is going to be coming up for our polecat. What adventures will he go on this time and will he do better than before?

And then next Monday, my plan will be to play another board game. I have a few that I can pull off of the shelf, and once things are a bit neater in here, one of my projects was in the game room, it should be easier to get them to the table. And I’m tempted to play Paper Dungeons again since it’s been a while. But we will see about possibly learning a new game like Set a Watch or Bullet Star.

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