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Malts and Meeples: Board Game Unboxing

VIDEO HAS NO AUDIO. Something happened to my settings so no audio came through. I’m going to leave the video up for right now and this article. But again, no audio in the video.

A new order from Miniature Market has come in yesterday, the one that I talked about in last Fridays Point of Order. So since it made it in time and I wasn’t sure what I was going to stream, let’s see what I picked up. There was one new game and a grand total of 6 expansions in that box, though only expansions for two different board game systems.

The Games


I want to play more racing games, and Downforce is one that has been on my radar for a long time. There is just something about a good racing game that seems so much fun to me. Pushing my luck, betting on the winners, that just sounds fun. And Downforce is an interesting game when it comes to that area. It isn’t your standard dice chucking racing game, but instead it’s a game that has you betting on the winner and hoping you invested smartly in the cars that you own based off of the cards you have. I also love how the movement works via card play. The fact that you play a card that moves multiple cars potentially really adds to the strategy of the game and the speed of the game.

Not Alone: Sanctuary

The first of the expansions, this one is just something fun and different in terms of the games I have in my collection. Not Alone is a pretty simple one versus all game. One person playing the planet and trying to take out crew members from a crashed ship as quickly as possible before they can be rescued. That is a ton of fun. And it is good for large groups. You play with up to eight people with seven people controlling the crew and one person being the monster. Being a crew member is fun, but I really like being the monster who is stalking everyone. It is a good game of cat and mouse that offers more choices than most large group games.

Aeon’s End Expansions

I’m getting close to having everything for Aeon’s End. I backed the last Kickstarter and from what I can tell, there are two more small box expansions that I need to pick up. I use need loosely, it’ll take me a long time to get through all of this content. But I really like Aeon’s End a lot, so I could see just taking time over a few years and getting through all of the content. Plus they are putting out more story driven content now for it, including two legacy games, so I am all for that. These expansions don’t add to that, but they generally add in more nemesis or mages to play with as well as some new cards. I really just like the concept so much of not shuffling your cards in a deck building game.

The Beer

So, I don’t think I mentioned the name of the beer, which was a mistake on my behalf. It is Spray Tan Sour from Outstate Brewing in Fergus Falls, MN. It is a small brewery with super local distribution of it’s cans. What I like about it, is that it has a nice fruit to it with pomegranate and cherry, but they mainly keep it from being too tart. The issue with some sours is that they can be too punch in the mouth sour, whereas as this one is the type I want to drink on a warm day while sitting outside. I won’t need a spray tan when drinking it. What is your favorite sour beer?

Which of those games sounds the most interesting to you? Do you have any of that you’ve enjoyed?

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