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Fantasy Flight Announces Unfathomable and more news

Last week I talked about Fantasy Flight teasing some news and gave a couple of different options as to what this might be. The one rumor that had the most traction was that it was going to be a new version of Battlestar Galactica set in the Arkham Files world that Fantasy Flight has created. We now know that the game is called Unfathomable and the speculation was right.

This game is going to be another or a new version of Battlestar Galactica. Now, I am curious to see how well the theme works in this game. I will likely get Unfathomable because it’s about 50% of the price of a used copy of Battlestar Galactica. However, Fantasy Flight doesn’t have access to the IP anymore, so they are going the Arkham route with it. I think that that the theme will work well enough, but it might not be as immersive.

Personally, I think this game could have worked well with a Marvel IP on it. The Secret Invasion storyline, in the comics and coming to Disney+ as a show as well, has you wondering who is a Skrull. In fact there are characters who are Skrulls who might not remember they are actually Skrull the whole time. Obviously I’m partial to the Marvel IP, but that was always my thought.

The OP Brings Onward To The Table

Disney/Pixar’s Onward is one of their movies that might get less love than some, but one that I really like. It hits on that nerdy adventure stuff that I dig as a role playing fan, in particular, Dungeons and Dragons. The OP is taking that IP to the tabletop with Quests of Yore: Barley’s Edition.

This is going to be purely a role playing game versus more of a board game. What I like about this is that it has a theme that is nerdy but less nerdy. Pixar has such a name for itself that people will be interested just based off of that. Dungeons and Dragons has already bridged the masses some with things like Critical Role and then Stranger Things. This is another thing that can go onto the shelves at Target and get people to buy it.

Portal Games Puts out Information On Dune: House of Secrets

Announced at the digital PortalCon this spring, Dune: House of Cards now has a pre-order and release date. July 12th for pre-orders and October 15th for a release date. This game, from the sounds of it, leverages some of what they have already done with Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. In at least that it is going to be a story and different chapters that you play through.

Dune Components
Image Source: Portal Games

I could do a “Let There Be Hype” on this one. I am really excited for it. It seems to be based off of Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game system, which I love, and I am interested in the Dune games. The original Dune is a massive all day event. And the Dune Imperium looks interesting but also looks dull aesthetically. So I want to try it but not so sure about owning it. Dune: House of Secrets, I am very interested in playing it and owning it. This seems like a game that will immerse me in the world of Dune and that just is cool.

Three big pieces of news and all that I’m pretty interested in. I will likely be picking up two of them, Dune: House of Secrets and Unfathomable. Which of these looks the most interesting to you?

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