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The Isofarian Guard – Game 1

It’s time for a new campaign game. I wrapped up my previous one two weeks ago. Now, it is time for The Isofarian Guard to take the table. And this is a game that takes up the whole table. Where will this solo or two player epic fantasy game take me? Join me on the first campaign as Gregory launches out from the new discovery that he and his guards have made that will change the world.

Isofarian Guard – Initial Reaction

I think that this is a pretty hard game from what I’ve played thus far. Not in a bad way, but in an interesting way. One that makes me wonder about how to go about leveling up, building out a character, and being able to handle future threats.

This past game of it, there was a lot of story to it. I wondered how much story there might be. The app doesn’t tell you the time all that well, but when you get into it, there is good story. And there is a bunch of story and choices to make. Sometimes you make a choice and that makes it harder for you as well. But I think that’s part of the learning curve of the game.

And let’s talk about the combat itself. I’ve had two combats. One that I won, and another that I most definitely didn’t win. I think that there are some things that I learned over that. Over both of them really, so I like that about them. I also think there are some things, like the stonebound ability that you want to spam. If you can do it, do it. I would guess that with better ones there might be a negative but this is a way to pump damage.

I want to know more of the story. I want to figure out how combat works better. I think there is a learning curve for this game. Not one that is too crazy, but there is a learning curve. And really with most games there are one. But the bigger more epic fantasy games, or really more epic in games in general. So I know that it’ll take a session or two to get it figured out.

Upcoming Stream

So what is coming up. There might be a bonus stream on Saturday. I have the evening free, if there is, I’ll share it in the normal places, Twitter, Facebook, and a couple of discords. If I do stream, it might be opening up some more packs of Magic cards, Lord of the Rings and otherwise.

Monday, at 8:30 PM Central I’ll be playing a new game. I have a few options. And coming up here soon, it’s likely to be Welcome to the Moon, another campaign roll and write game. So look for that, but it might be a different game this week, like Clever 4ever which I also need to learn the rules for, but the rules learning will be faster.

And then Wednesday at 8 PM Central, for a while, I’m going to be tackling The Isofarian Guard. So join me as I play this big game and see how it works. Because The Isofarian Guard is coming back to crowdfunding with a Gamefound campaign coming up soon. So it’s a chance to see if this is a game that is worth backing for you.

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