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10 Minute Marvel Episode 76: Marvel Legends

Welcome back to another episode of 10 Minute Marvel, the Marvel podcast that gets you news and a topic fast. In today’s 10 Minute Marvel we look at a She-Hulk rumor and a “spoiler” for WandaVision. I put spoiler in quotes because it seems to be more of an Easter egg than a spoiler. Then, we had our first Disney+ Marvel content with the Marvel Legends show and two episodes one for Wanda and one for Vision. I give my thoughts on those two episodes and an early opinion of the show.

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I’m also curious as to what your thoughts on Marvel Legends, if you watch it, are. Let me know that in the comments below. Or you can let me know over on Twitter where you can tweet to me @TheScando or by using #10MinMarvel. Also let me know what comics I should be checking out in Marvel Unlimited.

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