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Point of Order: A Gift Order

Normally you get to hear about all of the games in a given order, but this time you won’t. There will be one game in the order that won’t be talked about, because it’s going to be a gift. But I can, of course, talk about the other games in this order.

Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition

A roll and write game, no surprise there, one that comes with it’s own dry erase boards, that’s cool, and a game that I kind of already have. I have the red edition of it, and the different editions add in different mini expansions, so that’s why I’m grabbing the Blue Edition. From what I know, this will allow me to play either of the games with more people because I don’t believe that the boards change, just the mini expansions change it up, so I believe it would allow me to play with a higher number of people, up to 12, I think. So I’m a fan of games that can get a lot of people to the table, and it’s a roll and write.

Dice Forge

Image Source: Board Game Geek

The biggest game on the list this time, but one that I’ve had a chance to play I believe four times now, and I really enjoy it for one main thing. In this game you are crafting dice, or upgrading dice more so. The sides of the dice pop off so you get better sides to put on and can upgrade the dice, make dice roll and get more specific things, all while trying to get as many points as possible. One of the things that I really like about this game is rolling dice on other people’s turns. So while you are only getting resources, not being able to spend them, it is something to do, and this is also how you build up to being able to get the really expensive cards that do cool things or give you lots of points. Overall a fun game with toy factor that’ll be in my collection now.


Image Source: Z-Man Games

This one was on a deep sale, so I decided to pick it up. It’s a small card game that I’d watched played on the dice tower. It’s a fairly simple game about passing and taking cards to get them in order, or at least it sounds simple. The tricky bit is how you can pass the cards. If I remember correctly there are rule cards that either go into the numbered sleeves, or vice-a-versa. These rule cards can only be looked at if the card is in front of you, and that is going to determine how you can pass cards. So it’s an every changing puzzle to try and get it done, and I believe get it done in a certain amount of turns to win, or at least to get a better score. It seems like a quick little filler/bar type game that will be nice to grab once breweries open again, go play it with someone while having a beer and stick it back into a hoodie pocket.


Image Source: Asmodee

A party game and one that I would say builds off of some of those classic party games. It has a timed element like Catch Phrase or Moniker and you’re trying to get points by shouting at words at intersections of things. So it could be a color that starts with the letter B, K, L, and R and then a breakfast food starting with those letters, and so on, and you’re trying to get as many as you can and get the ones that are worth the most points. It’ll be a fun game, one that can maybe even work via Zoom. And it can be played in teams as well. It will just add another one of those group party style games to the collection for more variety which I kind of want/need after playing so many party games via Zoom this past year.

Welcome to Dinoworld

Image Source: Alley Cat Games

I almost backed this one on Kickstarter, and I’m not too sad that I didn’t with picking it up now. The price is basically the same, and maybe cheaper because I have free shipping. This is a roll and write game where you are trying to manage your dino park. Of course, in Jurassic Park style, things might go horribly wrong, dinosaurs might get out, and guest might be eaten. For something that sounds like it should be light, it does seem to have some depth in game play. I also like that it comes with two modes, one for a simpler game play and one for more complex. I’m curious to see which one I’ll like best.

So those are the five games that I can talk about that I got, we’ll talk about the other one coming up here eventually. Which of them sounds most interesting to you?

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