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TableTopTakes: Super-Skill Pinball 4-Cade Board Game Review

A few weeks ago I did my first look at this with Beyond the Box Cover. Now, I’ve played it a few more times, so I’m ready to give it a full review. How does this fancy roll and write stand out compared to the crowded field, find out below.

How To Play

Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade is a roll and write pinball game where you are trying to get the top score on a table. You can play it solo, just seeing if you better a previous score, or you can play it multiplayer to see how well you do against each other. You shoot off your pinball and then are bouncing it against bumpers and targets and using your flippers to launch it back up again. You select a die, out of two rolled each turn to use. You can’t just go anywhere on the board though, you will either be moving clockwise through something, like bouncing off the bumpers, or it’ll drop down on the table, so down from the bumpers to the targets to the flippers. Each flipper can also only flip it to certain sections, like you’d see on an actual pinball table. You play through three balls, and you get points for doing things, pinging off the bumpers or getting all the targets down, and other special things on the boards.

The Components

The components are on this game are extremely nice. The boards are great and they are all dry erase with one pinball table on each side of the boards, so every single board has two tables on it. There are also scoring boards that go along with this and have additional parts of the table on them depending on which table that you are playing, so those pieces are really nice. The only ones that I wish were a little bit different is that the caps for the dry erase markers don’t stick to the end of them, so I feel like I’m always putting on and taking off the cap.

But beyond that there are pinballs, they are split into two so they don’t roll around on everything, but it helps keep track of where you are on the board. I forget this once and a while, but it really is useful for keeping track of where you are on the board and with bouncing around the bumpers. It could have been done with some punch out pieces of cardboard, but the pieces are well beyond that.

Image Source: WizKids

The Game Play

I think the question that people might want answered might be, “Does this feel like pinball?” Yes, yes it does. The game feels like it’s fast as you bounce around the board. The bumpers are the one area in a pinball machine that really rockets around ball and that is how it works in the game as well. Now, the flippers, definitely can keep a ball up longer in a real game, but it makes a lot of sense in terms of how it would work in a roll and write game.

The game plays quickly as well, sure there is a bit of down time if you lose your third ball while waiting for someone else to finish. But beyond that, everyone is always doing something, and because of how the ball can bounce, people will be doing different things. I really love that fact, so it doesn’t feel like there is a single optimized path for winning the game, so with one of the boards you can go on a hacking run, it’s extremely important, but getting targets down can cause your bumpers to score a lot more, and help you keep up if you aren’t hacking.

It also feels like it has more going on than some roll and writes. I talked about Deadly Doodles yesterday and that one is a very simple flip and write game. This one you can prioritize trying to hit specific areas which will get you specific bonuses. I think that I can try and optimize how I do that some, though you really don’t want to drop down to hit specific things too often.

Final Thoughts

This is a fun game, and while it’s not perfectly like playing a pinball machine, it certainly isn’t too far off of that in my opinion. And I don’t think, while this game has more going on, that it’s too complicated. I would say that it’s probably easier to understand, especially the most basic board, than something like Welcome To. There are a few more complicated things as you play it, but really a lot of fun. And I’m not sure that WizKids does much with IP’s but it really seems like if you wanted to, you could sell custom sets of it with specific IP’s, like you have IP’s for pinball machines in real life.

Overall Grade: A-
Casual Grade: A-
Gamer Grade: B

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