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10 Minute Marvel S2E8: WandaVision Finale

No news for this weeks 10 Minute Marvel. We instead spend our whole time diving into the finale of the first Marvel Cinematic Universe show, WandaVision. Yes, Agents of SHIELD did have some tie ins, but I believe it’s no longer cannon. Instead, we have a ton to go through in this episode. Including some speculation for the future of characters. Plus, if the series lived up to the billing and lived up to being the first Marvel content in almost two years.

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Let me know what topics you’d like to see covered on 10 Minute Marvel. I’m sure I’ll be talking about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier coming up here. But before that show starts, which sounds more interesting, a podcast on the Darkhold or on Agatha Harkness? Those are the two topics I’m thinking of for next week. Also, I’m always interested in comic recommendations to checkout over on Marvel Unlimited.

I’ll see you next time!

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